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Wife Tricks Husband Into Leaving Office, She Surprises Him With Motorcycle

A Chicago wife wanted to make her husband’s 50th birthday one to remember, so she decided to surprise him with a brand-new Harley-Davidson bike.

For the surprise to go off without a hitch, the wife enlisted her hubby’s boss. She asked him to take her husband outside and make him think he had a flat tire. This trick was the key to getting him to walk to where the motorcycle was waiting for him.

In the video below, as his boss walks him through the parking lot, they stop in front of the motorcycle. The husband starts getting excited and jumps up and down. But the excitement really starts when his boss takes out the key and shows it to him!

“Oh my God!” the birthday boy says, wiping his eyes. Once he’s handed the key, his wife tells him “happy birthday” and gives him a huge hug while he cries into her shoulder out of gratitude. While still in disbelief, his wife tells him to start it up.

“Start it up, it’s yours!” she says.

He finally starts it up, but he still cannot believe the motorcycle is his. While processing the bike, his wife announces that there’s one more gift, from his mom. The wife walks over with a leather Harley-Davidson motorcycle jacket.

Watch his hilarious reaction to the birthday gift in the link below.

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