Who will explain the reason for Motorola MPX’s global withdrawal?

Between heaven and hell, the distance can’t be farther, then Motorola’s top-level smartphone, the MPX, is seemingly near. After announcing the full-scale launch of the MPX in the Chinese market, Motorola announced the launch of the MPX in the global market. Once seemingly entertaining, it changed to a certain level of strategic fundamental change. Done, from the low profile situation from 2003 to 2004. With machine tricks, and then an earthquake in early 2005, Motorola pulled a series of symbols into the mobile phone market. Over time, Motorola’s monopoly operation strategy has been pressured by competition from manufacturers such as Nokia and Samsung. Marriage with Microsoft is in full swing. So far, the mood has dropped, and MPX has shrunk the global market. It has become a turning point in development.

According to high-level earthquakes and leadership principles,
  Ballon’s resignation was once considered a revolution in family management. Edward Zander took the banner of Motorola from Mike Zafarovsky, can this re-establish a motorcycle? Take the Leader’s Way Five weeks after Edward Zander’s arrival in Motorola, he publicly told the outside world that leaders of technology companies now need 10% technology and 90% diplomacy. It is somewhat doubtful whether the retirement of the MPX means entertainment, but from a higher position, we can see the future technical direction of the motorcycle. “Seamless Mobile”. First, Zander said Motorola will provide users with the ability to transmit voice, video, and data in any way, and allow users to access this information anytime, anywhere. In the car or office, users can receive wireless data as they need it. “In the next ten years, computers will no longer be a major role in the field of communication, personal computers will no longer be home communication, and our new products will replace them. We will use this new product.

  MPX Phone is an advanced smart product launched by Motorola and Microsoft. First of all, it is quite intelligent in form. The double spindle design allows the MPX to open in two directions, and the keyboard is arranged much like a PDA. More importantly, it has a built-in. The 802.11bWi-Fi wireless network module is Motorola’s leading technology, which can perform wireless high-speed network data transmission. With the application of this technology, the Motorola MPX icon looks unusual. It should be said that MPX can be described as a revolutionary product. Supporting the Wi-Fi wireless network will undoubtedly make the smartphone a high level and become a powerful mobile multimedia computing terminal in the future. , Thus becoming a truly entertainment service operating tool. It is a good foundation. However, the information industry has not made any agreement about wireless network protocols and WAPI, so it will naturally oppose the use of Wi-Fi technology that does not meet national standards in mobile phones. For this reason, Motorola shielded the WiFi via MPX body software to successfully obtain the Network Access certificate, but at the same time made the MPX a tricky chicken rib, and Also important for X retirement. Reason. After MPX quit the Chinese market, it also reported that it was withdrawing from the global market, leading to speculative upgrades at the same time.

  In a deeper sense, the failure of the MPX is a change of Motorola’s senior leadership principles. Aside from stubborn and rigorous thinking, Zander said, “To succeed in Chinese and North Asian markets, we need to pay more attention. Attention to customer relationships, response speed, and strategic detail separates our competitors. By creating a dedicated team to handle customer needs at different times, we will be able to maintain and stabilize Motorola’s competitive position in the region for a long time. “This is important for Motorola’s global market. That is why MPX performance in China can be transformed by global strategy. For the MPX failure, Motorola has always insisted on “hoping to focus on the current Windows Phone MPx220”, which can also be justified. In terms of building a long-term product line, motorcyclists are feeling tired. This is the most important step for us. Good encouragement.

The front is very long, and
  Motorola launches more than 40 models at once. In the V-Series, the market’s response was slow and it had grown a lot with its product. The C-Series and E-Series collided between the bottom door, leading to it. Big sale problem. As a high-end mobile phone, the price of the MPX is said to be about the level of 10,000 yuan. Even in the long product line of motorcycles, we can see many advanced products like A780 and V3. However, the Chinese market is facing a lack of digestion, layers of dual policy emissions, MPX deaths are not difficult to understand. Is. The motorcycle V3 has achieved a certain degree of success in the global market, and the launch of the work V8 won’t be too far behind. In terms of brand building, these two models have become the focus of this shortly. If the MPX has been relaunched, there is no doubt about it. It can be very annoying, and difficult to get mass attention.

  On the other hand, Motorola’s low-end products have not been able to meet the popular needs of people’s rapid development in terms of functions and layout, and given the cost reduction of the entire industry, we need better ways to sell existing models. Should think about it. Nextel’s CEO, who once held a position in Germany, warns Xander that Motorola’s current product has lagged behind its rivals in terms of quality and appearance, and Motorola has partnered with other companies. Has not been actively collaborating, so Nextel must add extra labor (Nextel is the largest user of Motorola) to lead the leadership Motorola for its use.

  recently, Motorola has announced that they support the business’s iTunes download that will work to hold the phone with the Apple iPod music. And now it will launch a new business, IRadio, once again trying to hit the digital audio content market. Motorola believes consumers are ready to pay for audio content that can be played on car radios and mobile phones. Motorola’s upcoming new service, called iRadio, lets users download standard audio program content from their home computers to an iPod phone from their home computers and listen to these programs through the car’s stereo system. Facilitates

  Motorola has explored a potential market for digital music. Compared to smartphones, digital audio services may enable it to occupy a prominent position in the future of the industry, and its large profits in the service sector have enabled Motorola to launch in a niche. Get some nutrients in tiring situations. Industry analysts say the iRadio business offers mobile consumers another way to be entertained, and that the market has a bright future. Several companies have already begun to take action. Clear Channel Communications, America’s top wireless broadcaster, said this week that it intends to begin offering audio content to mobile phone users by the end of 2005. Also, Virgin Radio and Sweden’s SBS Broadcasting System from the UK are planning to launch interactive wireless broadcast content for Nokia mobile phone users.

  Changes to the flexible strategy of high-level changes have allowed Motorola to gain a deeper understanding of the market environment. Whether this MPX failure is good or bad, it means incorporating changes, To ensure good service quality of the product and extension of marketing. To expand the potential commercial market for audio services, it can combine modern flames for motorcycles and thus make great strides on the road ahead. However, for MPX abortions, this can reflect the state of competition in the industry, and it is quite an experience for other manufacturers as well.

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