What makes U-shaped genes overturned by HTC’s Starter Ultra?

  As price has just been announced,  HTC  has once again vowed to focus on the high end. During a recent HTC earnings call, HTC Global Sales President Zhang Jalen said that HTC will exit the low-  phone mobile phone market“This market is overly competitive, and we don’t have to make any profit from it. It’s important for us to keep the smartphone business profitable.” The previously released U-Series not only changed the last tradition of the M series but also propelled the HTC’s independence into a high-end dream.

The U Series refers to the user, as expressed on the HTC official website. A series of “you” copyrights signifies the beautiful desire of HTC users to create value around them. If HTC’s entire expectation of the mobile phone business is interpreted from its standpoint, then, even below its previous greatness, HTC will immediately return to its peak. U-shaped reversals are required to arrive.

     In the first half of the launch and evolution of smartphones, HTC was almost exclusively present. In the glorious era, HTC was the first manufacturer to launch Windows and Android smartphones. In 2008, with the benefits of the first Android phone, it rapidly grew in the US market. In 2011, HTC exploded into the US mobile phone market and became the largest smartphone maker in the US market in the third quarter, making the incoming apple cold. Even in the fast-growing smartphone era, HTC is also the object of many manufacturers competing to copy. The all-metal body is manufactured only by HTC, which helps other manufacturers take several routes. Also, the dual camera in the smart era is also via HTC.

    Unsurprisingly, the mid-to-late segment is experiencing the patent, design and competitive failures in Chinese and foreign markets, which has led HTC to lag behind emerging stars such as Xiaomi and Huawei in recent years. Globally compelling HTC has not put much emphasis on internet mobile phone riots. Also, Chairman Wang Xiuhong also acknowledged that HTC’s problem lies in marketing rather than products. For such a long time in the mainstream market, HTC’s U-shaped reversal can be expected from all intestinal fans.

     The first flagship HTCU Ultra encountered at the beginning of the year, we can’t help but ask if HTC can back a game in the mainstream market?

HTC   U Ultra with outstanding performance 

 Focusing on the new      HTC  U Ultra, in addition to missing the launch of Snapdragon 835 due to the release time release, it is a product with all the shortboards and most advanced features. At   HTCU Ultra, the  16-megapixel  high-sensitivity ultra-  pixel front selfie and rear 12-megapixel optical image stabilization have laid the foundations for great hardware for HTC photography.

     While all-metal is flying around, the mobile phone’s ID design creates almost almost aesthetic fatigue for consumers. The unobtrusive HTC double-sided glass design makes our eyes shine. At the same time, others are “stinging” the process, giving the HTCU   Ultra we’ve brought a lot of bright things, such as HTC blending colors into different layers of glass, Less than key but allows to see the beauty of luxurious colors. In a sense, letting go is more important. Special treatment of high pressure and high heat is used to make the touch feel smooth like water, at the confluence of frames and corners, metal and glass, if you are lucky enough to experience the HTC U Ultra itself. , you  would know that is not so. exaggerated

   In this 2K resolution screen, HTC also introduced a secondary screen design, the 2.0  5 inches secondary screen has been one of the last few attempts. At the same time, the auction screen in the 128GB version is also an extraordinary feature of the existing smartphones. HTC   USB Ultra introduces unique and special features that are unique to it, but it is a good way to stand out from the crowd.

    If you are tired of the iPhone and can’t pay for various Android tributes, the    HTCU Ultra is a product that launches now.

Consumption upgrade HTC’s future is shortly

    Increasing changes in the mobile phone market have made competition difficult and cost-effective. At the same time, we have seen Xiaomi and Mizu increase prices, squeezing the habitat of valuable mobile phones. The apparent increase in consumption increases has cut off the entry-level product line to HTC. Zhang Jiannan said that earlier this year, HTC will focus on high-end mobile phone research and development and will not launch more than 7 products in just one year. In the future, HTC will no longer eat costs just by chasing shipments and market sizes and will focus more on high-end flagships like HTC  U Ultra and U Play.

    HTC, which is entangled in the high-end market, has no experience of entry-level products. Two years ago, less than a thousand yuan mobile phone attempts did not benefit the industrial chain. Consumers also have doubts about HTC’s entry-level product positioning. Instead of using energy in product lines, the market will want to focus on high-end, consumer upgrades and gradual easing, a rapidly rising price point of 2,000 yuan or more. Make mobile phones with Compared to other domestic brands that have changed their style and stepped up to the heights, HTC itself has a deep base and fan sentiment, and its benefits are quite obvious, as well as the high-end flag Focusing on the leaders can take a strong step forward, but the future is not far behind.    

HTC’s International Context

    Compressing the battlefield and focusing on altitude could give HTC a slight victory. At the same time, he spent many years in the international market, a rare experience for HTC in the international context. Although domestic brands are going abroad, most of them are in Southeast Asia and the European and US markets are difficult to differentiate, even though HTC has failed, but it can still change the situation through market operations. Is.

     Also, a close cooperative relationship with Google  HTC mobile phone industry gains more offers. HTC has always been the cornerstone of the Nexus and Pixel foundations. By system, it is even closer to the first floor of the platform. When the number of mobile phones becomes “7”,    HTCU Ultra has launched Android Easily complete the adaptation.

    Of course, HTC’s biggest advantage lies in the fact that the uncertainty of product positioning over the past two years has now been fixed, and that is just to work hard on the high-end market.    

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