Several instances of Anti-Trump protestor violence sprang up in DC over the weekend, most of which seemed to be attempted to instigate Trump protesters into violence themselves. The march was the “Million MAGA March” which aimed to raise awareness to the “audit the vote” and “stop the steal” movements. The goal of these movements is to pursue legal channels to restore confidence in the election system amidst growing evidence of voter fraud.

One young couple was harassed to the point of a young woman screaming in terror. Another elderly gentleman had is bike knocked over and was knocked off of his bike. Two other individuals were forced back through a mob of protesters by police, which of course didn’t play out very well. In a fourth instance, a gentleman lost his temper and began shoving Anti-Trump protesters – they then proceeded to knock him over and kick his face into the pavement.

In this video, a group of Trump supporters are walking down the street when an Anti-Trump protester runs up, punches her in the back of the head, and then proceeds to run away. The assaulted individual turns around in abject disbelief and yells “Oh my God!” as they see the woman running away. In a sign of true character, the group continues to walk away and not cave to their attempts to instigate further violence so they can catch it on camera. Take a look:
Violence of this nature should be condemned by absolutely everyone. The temperatures in our culture are at a high point as the highly contested election plays out before our eyes. We have litigation and recounts pending for these issues and they need to play out. In the meantime, Americans can follow the true electoral map, along with footage, on the 2020 election coverage from The Epoch Times.
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