Trump Starts Phase 1 Of His Comeback – To Keep In Touch With Fans, He Launches A New Website

When Joe Biden entered the White House, Democrats celebrated while some Republicans contested the election results.

Then-President Donald Trump challenged the results as well, though his court challenges fell short.

However, if Democrats thought he would disappear for good, it seems they’re sorely mistaken.

Trump has remained vocal on a variety of hot-button topics since exiting Washington, including Biden’s handling of the border.

And while he hasn’t confirmed that he’d run again in 2024, he has made it clear that he isn’t going away.

This latest move all but proves that the former First Couple are definitely planning to stay close to their supporters.

It might also hint at future announcements (via Fox News):

Former President Trump and former first lady Melania Trump launched a website Monday in what his office described as a bid to stay in touch with supporters and coordinate future appearances.

Trump’s representatives said the website,, ‘will allow individuals to submit correspondence, scheduling requests, and press inquiries for President and Mrs. Trump.’

This could be exactly what Trump fans have been waiting for.

On top of that, it could signal a very big push toward future political aspirations and goals, which the Republican party might appreciate.

Many GOP members have suggested they would support Trump for another run, after all.

It will also be a huge draw for those who remain loyal to “45.” As Trump’s office said in a statement:

President and Mrs. Trump are continually strengthened by the enduring spirit of the American people, and they look forward to staying in touch.

This shouldn’t come as a big surprise, though.

Not only has Trump been active and vocal in the political sphere, just last week, we heard he was planning to launch his own social media platform.

On top of that, the former POTUS has confirmed that he wants to play a big role in the 2022 midterm elections.

This will include campaigning for his favorite candidates, which in turn could help put Trump back into the political limelight.

As far as many are concerned, though, he never left.

And it’ll be very interesting to see how quickly Trump’s website grows, and the sort of announcements we’ll see in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Donald and Melania Trump launched a new website, “Office45.”
  • It’s designed to stay in close contact with their fans, and serve as a home for future announcements.
  • Trump has remained vocal in politics, and he’s reportedly planning his own social media platform as well.

Source: Fox News

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