Things you should know about mobile phone charging inventory

With the popularity and development of mobile payment, smartphones have become an indispensable item in people’s everyday life. Communication tools, entertainment equipment, and even personal mobile wallets are ready. Once a mobile phone is lost or lost to other people, the harm it causes to people becomes dire. Nowadays, the role of mobile phones is getting more and heavier, and daily use is getting longer and longer, making battery life a “huge disaster area.” Particularly because of this demand is that mobile phone charging stocks are slowly evolving towards “bus needs.” It also infiltrated many criminals. This year’s CCTV 3.15 party has revealed that many criminals have increased their tents to outdoor mobile charging stocks. Let’s take a look at the stories behind the free mobile phone charging inventory.

  The era of feature phones has only begun since the invention of mobile phone charging, but most charging stocks were received at that time. In recent years, with the development of smartphones, free mobile phone charging inventory has grown rapidly, such as railway stations, airports, passenger stations, movie theaters and other public places providing free mobile phone charging. Keep in mind that although the insecurity of mobile phone charging inventories has been exposed this time, not all free charging inventories are unsafe, and only a few individuals are at risk of being compromised by criminals.

I heard that the software will be installed automatically when the mobile phone is connected to the charging station?

  Usually, this is the case, where the description of the charging inventory is irrelevant, it will be marked like this: “When the user uses the high-speed charging service, the device will allow the user to use the most popular mobile game Will recommend some of the products. Choose to use or install. ” As long as you choose  ” Fast charging “(or charging), the other party will install the Promotion app on your phone by default.

Why make free mobile phones charging money with this money?

 Free charging piles rely on the forced installation of software and then make profits from software vendors. It can profit from the software manufacturer about every single activation of a user (install a promotional app in a mobile phone), charging pile manufacturer 1 yuan. Suppose 30,000 users charge for free every day, and each person downloads 3 software each time. That way, the operator’s daily income will be between 60,000 and 90,000 yuan.

Connect unsafe charging stations with photos and other privacy?

At the 315 parties, the host performed a test on the spot. After selecting a live audience to pick up the audience’s mobile phone, they set up a public charge to charge. At this point, the host can not only see photos of the user’s album but can also send text messages using the viewer’s mobile phone number. What is even more serious is that they can even control a user’s mobile phone to use a movie ticket without the consent of the mobile phone owner. I want to say: Are you scared?

How does a hefty mobile phone attack an Android phone?

The large domestic mobile phone application market installs software to handle and operate mobile phones by turning on “USB debugging mode”. Charging Pile Design Virus issues can use this function to attack mobile phones because “USB Debugging Mode”. Turn it on, you can install the virus app on your phone automatically without any prompts. You can even perform any action on the phone directly, such as viewing photos, chatting, sending and receiving text messages, and even cracking the lock screen password. 

Can’t we turn on “USB Debugging Mode”?

    Many users will say that this is not safe without activating “USB Debugging Mode”! Theoretically, this is: If you do not turn on “USB debugging mode” or install any description file, access to your phone or information may not be stolen randomly however, many are free. There are situations when using charging lights. Without “USB debugging mode” enabled, mobile phones cannot be “fast charged”, and some charging accessories also cannot be charged.

Can the normal charging of the charging stack plug meet the demand?

 Previously, our editors performed on “fast charging” and “normal charging” of the free charging inventory. For example, taking a 2900mAh Android device, the fast charging power increased 9% for 10 minutes, and the effect was satisfactory. “Normal charging” takes only 1% power after 10 minutes, which is practically unimportant. It can be seen that the normal charge of free charging inventory is similar to that of chicken ribs. It can be understood from another angle.

Is the iPhone safe on iPhone?

   Although iOS is more reliable than open-source Android systems, it is not completely risk-free. It is understood that high-end iOS devices that does not have to jailbreak usually do not have to worry about losing money, of course, there are special cases. One tool is said to be “one-click bug breaks” here. “One-click bug breaks” after your device, steal your private data.

What iOS system at rest can have?

 Not at all, I’m sure many iPhone users have received the “Do you trust this computer” warning. Trusted computers can synchronize with iOS devices, create backups, and access photos, videos, contacts and other content on the device.

“”. How to prevent “pile problems”?

    Will not connect to your free mobile phone charging packs;

    phones Android phones  to  connect  the USB debugging mode or  not  made  ;

    iPhone has the latest version of iOS. Don’t rely on external devices yourself;

    Use charging stack to charge mobile power, and then use a mobile phone to charge mobile phone;

    And, it’s best not to use free mobile phone charging equipment to charge mobile phones.

Write at the end

    As stated in the CCTV315 consumer reminder, no one dares to insist that we can no longer leave a mobile phone. To protect your personal property and information, we must take care of our phones. So when you go out, don’t be too small. Keep in mind: Greed for small prices is a huge loss.

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