The outfitting masterpiece offers the MWC editor with these tools

  Annual Science and Technology Conference – MWC 2017 is coming. This is a great event in which netizens and the industry pay close attention. As a Forward Editor, a set of handy equipment is essential but imagine that you need to carry more than twenty each day. Jinn’s equipment runs on each platform, which is a bit much for the body, so this time combining “light loading” + “pre-preparation”, which can meet the professional requirements of the work and also the portability. Can keep

 As an editor, the most basic task is to create text content. My main output device is MacBook Air (A1466). This was updated by Apple in 2015. It is equipped with a new generation of Intel 14nm process code called Broadwell. Processor and new Force Touch trackpad.

    The reason I bought this computer at the time was that it was light enough without the pressure and pressure. On the other hand, it was able to meet everyday work needs, such as document editing,  PS  photo editing,  etc.  There was, of course, a very important point here. Battery life is very long, which is important for display.

    In addition to the necessary computers for display, cameras are also needed to record products and conferences. The camera I am wearing this time around is the Canon 70D. The Canon 70D is a mid-range Canon SLR camera. It borrows many existing cameras. Some Canon SLR cameras are well-positioned, including the EOS 7D’s autofocus sensor, as well as the EOS 700D touch screen and the built-in EOS 6D Wi-Fi. But a “new” sensor is moving inside the machine. In addition to providing 20.2MP resolution, it also uses the “Dual Pixel CMOS AF” design.

    As a match, I opted for 24-105 sets of camera lenses. This lens consists of 3 spherical lenses, 1 UD lens, 18 lenses and 13 groups of optical systems, and it is better for digital camera photosensitivity. Equipped with the IS Anti-Shake system, it can sense a 3-stop anti-shake function. Under normal circumstances, at a focal length of 105, the minimum shutter speed for handheld shooting can be as low as 1 / 15S. In terms of image quality, mid-focus wide-aperture wide-angle apertures have a fast and robust resolution, and telephoto end resolution is justified. For both reports, the focal length can be long or short, and there is no distortion for each focal length, which is sufficient.

iPhone 6 Plus

    In addition to the two essential work tools, communication tools are also essential. The author’s main communication device is the iPhone 6   Plus, and the auxiliary communication tool iPhone 7 PlusBecause the iPhone 7   Plus has a more powerful sock, a better “dual camera”, a more delicate screen … In addition to meeting everyday needs, it can also be used in reports. Help take pictures and live videos. As far as the network is concerned, Vodafone Mobile  Card, one of Spain’s three largest operators,  was chosen.

Fourth Generation Kindle

    The author’s journey from Beijing to Barcelona lasted for about 15 to 15 hours, and the primary entertainment of the aircraft depended primarily on the burning of the fourth generation. It is undeniable that with the increasing popularity of online reading today, Kindle has become an excellent career in online reading. By burning K, we can relax and enjoy reading. Because of this, we can use reading as a kind of fun. Indeed. One of the most important reasons for a writer to use it is that it can be used for leisure time and also contains “nutrients”.

BenQ Q power EV1000  mobile power

    In the case of the Emergency Power Reserve, the author has purchased a historic mobile power source-based Q-Power EV 1000. Bank Q-Power EV 1000 Mobile is a mobile power launch in 2014. Even today, the founders’ simple tone creates a timeless texture, with smooth lines and rounded corners.

BenQ Power EV 1000 Power Bank

    Of course, for the author, being able to add strength in an emergency is the most important, and other aspects are not paid as much attention. Also, the Ben QQ Power EV 1000 is also equipped with an LED light, which can also act as a full floor light when the light is dark.

    The aforementioned is the main equipment that I will take with me to participate in the exhibition report in Barcelona, ​​Spain at the moment. Also, there will be some other accessories, such as a portable tripod and a microphone. Finally, the author reaffirms that under this careful preparation and careful planning, we will present you with a special invitation report for the exhibition. I also hope that you will visit Barcelona, ​​Spain, during the MWC. Stay tuned for the latest updates and amazing information. 

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