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Many girls will want a boyfriend who can snap a picture so that they can leave cute smiles at the best age and most beautiful scenes. In addition to girls, boys sometimes want a girlfriend who can snap pictures, so that they can leave pretty pictures at an early age. But many boys do not complain, it is difficult for girlfriends who have more heart than heart, but need not panic, big-picture pictures are never deliberately arranged, and many times occupied. The lens needs to be done. General Chat Chat Lounge So not only should the phone have a fast start, but you also need to capture the most beautiful boyfriend moment. So how do you take your boyfriend’s most beautiful moment?

First, use light to shape the shape.

  Bones for boys are a bit stiffer than girls, so in the use of light, sidelights and armbands are often used to represent facial lines. Therefore, when girls are shooting boyfriends, you should learn to use lightly to shape your boyfriend’s mood.

 We usually take pictures in the studio, so using complex natural light is not that easy. However, like a window, or where there is an important source of light that can illuminate the face, we need to evaluate the effect of light on the face by changing the angle of the boyfriend, to show the boy’s most beautiful face. ۔ When girls use makeup, the effect of using different color bases to create facial shadows is also similar.

Second, the presence of greatness reflects the boys’ length and security.

 Many girls feel that it is important for boys to have a sense of security, so when shooting boys, it is best to shoot your boyfriend taller and more powerful. Therefore, we often say that the selfie should not be used at a 45-degree angle during shooting, so it will inevitably appear that the boyfriend is not tall, so, in the sun, the profile of the face is slightly 45 degrees, or the boy should bend his head slightly. Bottom upside down pills can reflect boys worshiping girls.

Although it is said that not every boy likes to be a little bird with a boy, for everyone’s traditional consciousness, as a vulnerable group, girls still need to protect the boy. So, even when taking photos, you have to convey this awareness of the image, just like good photography work, it uses static images to convey moral, storytelling.

Once again, make good use of the preview and make sensible compositions.

  For photography, the composition is a cliché. Many times, when we photographer our other half, the picture often looks dull, and more than that, it just looks like a simple travel photo. There is a very simple way to solve this problem to a certain extent: the smart use of possibilities. The background image may be a bit dirty, the subject you want to shoot, the boyfriend may not be as prominent in the picture, so the clever edge of the preview can be avoided by some scenes or people Prevents importance of the topic. Improve the depth of the picture field, it can be said that the best of both worlds.

Finally, use filters properly to create the image mode.

  Then there is the use of filters. In fact, for most consumers, photography has no regular foundation, so for factors like composition and expertise, it can be determined by their perception of beauty. But everyone’s understanding of beauty is different, so if you take a picture of your boyfriend, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your boyfriend is the most beautiful. And taking pictures, in the end, also needs to beautifully return to the viewer, and the color is also a very important part of the image’s aesthetics. Therefore, we can use filters to show the effect that Wants to do, and men also have a sense of living in a movie with friends, who defy beauty to one another.

 From this point of view, a simple filter can easily determine the mood of the image. In addition to creating a small sense of freshness in Taiwan, it can also create an instant sensation of old Hong Kong films or an unrealistic sense of American blockbusters.

  The reason we love photography and movies is that we think we are heroes and heroines in the picture, and everyone has a wonderful story that we can remember and listen to. In the aforementioned tips for shooting boyfriends, I hope most girlfriends will get some help, but this is not limited to just girls, for friends, you can shoot beautiful moments Can also follow these ways, his beautiful personality.

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