Sidney Powell Promises That She Will File ‘Massive’ Lawsuit By Thanksgiving Eve

Sidney Powell, the famous attorney who has made claims over the past two weeks that President Donald Trump is the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential election due to widespread voter and ballot fraud, announced that she will be filing a “massive” lawsuit in Georgia by Wednesday night.

According to the Washington Examiner, she plans to file the lawsuit by “Thanksgiving Eve,” leaving many in the conservative media world on the edge of their seats as it will finally be revealed — to some degree — the level of evidence she has in which she claims will secure Trump a second term.

“It’s a massive document. And it’s going to have a lot of exhibits,” Powell told Fox News host Lou Dobbs on Tuesday.

She added that the defendants in the case are “going to be folks in Georgia who are responsible for supposedly making sure the elections in Georgia are done properly, and there are just countless incidents of voter fraud and election fraud writ large in Georgia.”

Interestingly, Powell also has a number of additional lawsuits ready to be filed and though she didn’t specify where, she added that her team is “rolling them out as fast as we can.”

Many Trump supporters in the media have recently began to question whether or not Powell has even a fraction of the evidence that she claims will be so overwhelming that it will reverse the results of the 2020 election.

Conservatives like radio host Rush Limbaugh, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham and even Tucker Carlson have raised questions about Powell’s intentions, citing a near complete lack of showing that she has such bombshell evidence in her possession.

However, Powell’s supporters argue that massive lawsuits, like the one she claims she’s filing on Wednesday in Georgia, take time to properly assemble and also argued that it would be foolish of Powell to show her cards at this point.

On Sunday night, the Trump campaign seemingly distanced itself from Powell in an official statement that made clear she was not on the president’s legal team, which was a complete 180 given that the president and his other lawyers touted her as part of the team just a week prior.

The memo from the Trump campaign came just a day after Powell made aggressive claims in a news interview in which she accused Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp of taking part in a scheme to help Democrats win the strate for Joe Biden.

While sides have definitely formed as far as how Powell is treated online, her distinguished law career and otherwise fine reputation lends credibility to her claims, which is why many in the media are still eagerly awaiting to see if she’s able to back those claims with the “biblical” evidence she supposedly has.



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