Republicans Just Teamed Up With Trump Against Turncoat – Censure And Primary Challenger Coming For Lisa Murkowski

Republicans in the Senate stood fast to block Democrats’ second attempt to impeach Trump. That move ensured Trump’s future involvement in the party (and a possible third run).

But not all Republicans stood up to the left’s bogus and disgraceful scheme. A handful of Republicans in the Senate actually voted to convict Trump—despite the fact Democrats didn’t even bother to conduct an investigation.

One of those Republicans, a longtime politician, is finally facing some blowback.

From Fox News:

The Alaska Republican Party vows to “recruit” a challenger to Sen. Lisa Murkowski if she runs for reelection next year…

The Alaska Republican Party on Saturday passed a resolution censuring Murkowski for her impeachment trial vote, and for several other votes she took that have angered Republicans in the state.

National Republican committees refuse to take a stand against Murkowski, but the folks back home aren’t hiding their true feelings!

The Alaska GOP voted to censure the senator over her impeachment vote—as well as other actions that defied President Trump’s agenda.

They went as far as to promise they will support whatever candidate decides to primary against her in 2022, if she decides to run again.

President Trump, both in and out of office, has vowed to campaign for whoever runs against the Alaskan senator in two years.

Many patriots believe Murkowski is a RINO—Republican in Name Only. It seems like residents back home are largely conservative and supported Trump’s America first agenda.

But Murkowski frequently sided with the D.C. swamp. It seems she is more concerned with the acceptance and status quo of Washington, than with the will of her own voters.

It’s too early to say if Alaska’s GOP will get rid of Murkowski. She hasn’t revealed if she plans to run again in 2022.

Regardless, she will have an uphill battle trying to regain the state’s respect and trust.

Can she turn it around until then? It’s possible. But for now, it doesn’t seem like she’s trying very hard.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Alaska Republican Party official voted to censure Sen. Lisa Murkowski over her impeachment vote.
  • The party also promised to support whatever candidate primaries against her in 2022.
  • Donald Trump frequently criticized Murkowski over her swamp-approving ways.

Source: Fox News

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