Relax! Guangdong mobile preferred shopping activities

When people are focusing on the pre-purchase of Global Connect, Guangdong Mobile is not just about launching a new era of activity, but not for global Connect users, but rather a wide-ranging user zone, Xinzoxing, and Massard users. Was for

  Preferred purchase activity time is 2005 Nyan 4 Yu-12 Ri 2005 Nian 7 Yu-12 days, activity areas in Guangdong Province, and public card for Shenzhouxing users M-zone, users pass prepaid card to just any Needed with a Word Card Mobile communications can be handled through 100 Business Halls

  Since most users of Dynamic Zone, Shenzoxing, and Volkswagen Cards are mobile low-end users.

Sony Ericsson T290c 950 yuan
Nokia 1100 650 yuan
Motorola C650 1430 yuan
Motorola V180 1250 yuan
Motorola C115 600 yuan
TCL Q515 550 yuan
Samsung E338 2600 yuan

  For any of the 6 models mentioned above, you can choose a one-year or two-year call deduction method, but you must also open the ringtone service for a year or two. Detailed package plan is as follows.

  1 year period: A total of 300 yuan is refunded, and the rest is used as a purchase cost. At 300 yuan, 240 yuan is included, which returns on average 12 months (20 yuan per month), and the other 60 yuan are used as a one-year ringtone service fee (5 yuan / month).

  2-year period: A total of 480 yuan of credit is refunded, and the rest is used as a purchase cost. 480 yuan includes the 360 ​​yuan tool, which returns on average 24 months (15 months), and the other 120 yuan is used as a two-year ringtone service fee (5 yuan / month).

  For example, if you want to buy a Nokia 1100, you only need to pre-save 650 yuan, the phone costs 350 yuan, and the remaining 300 yuan will be added to your prepaid card. But if you choose a one-year package, 244 240 yuan will be charged for the 300 yuan bill. The average payment is 12 months. The monthly payment amount is 20 yuan. The remaining 60 yuan will be used as a one-year ringtone fee.

  If you choose a 2 year plan, it will also save 650 yuan in advance, but you will be refunded 480 yuan, and the rest will be used as the purchase cost, and 360 out of 480 yuan Yuan will be returned on average 24 months, and you will be returned 15 per month. RMB, and the other 120 RMB will be your ringtone fee for 2 years.

  The author runs some mobile business halls. I find that the average consumer response to a purchase is average. Many people at the business hall did not exchange. And friends who want to redeem also need to pay attention to the fact that some mobile business halls do not have mobile phone models. Mobile phones, you have to look a bit more, so to be fair, the cost of a mobile phone in this program is obviously much higher than the market price, even though the phone bills are refundable, but that’s one or two. Year on year, and it also comes with a ringback tone service. In fact, that means you can’t change your mobile phone number. At the same time you will get discounts, you will also become a loyal mobile user.

  From a mobile perspective, the mobile positioning of this program is a low end user group. For many, the mobile phone is just making calls and sending text messages. You can get a mobile phone for about 500 yuan and there is a call fee to send it. It’s cheap, and more and more people can become mobile loyal users. Of course, mobile won’t hurt.

  As a user, if you do not have high requirements for a mobile phone, you are eligible to participate in this program. For example, Kim & Nokia 1100 and Sony Ericsson T290c are worth buying If you want to redeem more than a thousand yuan of mobile phones, such as the Samsung E338 and many other models, I definitely do not recommend it. Do, especially moto loot and mobile phones, performance is not that good. Unable to sell the price, even if there is a refund.

  Global Connect customers’ discounted purchases have just been heard, and they are disappointed to see them. However, I anticipate that Global Connect’s consumer shopping activities will also be launched shortly, and models available for purchase are available at the upper, middle, and lower end. However, redemption will change. “One Dollar Purchase” activity can only appear in history. Now China Mobile certainly won’t “lose money”.

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