Pennsylvania Sheriff Just Abandoned His Party – They Don’t Hold My Values Anymore, He Tells ‘Unconstitutional’ Democrats

As a party’s values seem to shift and change with the times, that party is often in danger of losing members.

Republicans and Democrats have lost pieces of their constituencies over the years, and for a variety of reasons.

But for one sheriff, the reason is simple — his longtime party just doesn’t hold his values anymore.

That’s what Fayette County, Pennsylvania Sheriff James Custer told “Fox and Friends” this week: he’s now a Republican.

After having been a Democrat for years, Custer cited a “shift in ideals of the Democratic party at the national level.”

He further mentioned their “socialist agenda,” which he just can’t get behind.

Via Fox News:

Fayette County Sheriff James Custer said he switched to the Republican Party after considering the move for several months.

He noted that the coronavirus pandemic and the related restrictions helped influence his decision.

Custer said he started thinking about the switch when all the pandemic mandates started cascading down from Democrat governors.

He felt many of these orders were “unconstitutional.”

Furthermore, as a sheriff, he believes it’s his duty to “protect, serve and uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

As such, Custer simply isn’t prepared to vote Blue any longer.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently announced the latest round of restrictions and regulations, which includes a ban on indoor dining and closing all gyms and theaters.

On top of which, gatherings of 10 people or more inside and 50 people outdoors have been banned.

Custer obviously doesn’t agree with these stringent methods, however, and he isn’t the only PA official to rise up against them.

Back in September, Fayette County District Attorney Rich Bower also revealed his move to the Republican Party.

At that time, Custer and Bower mentioned ideological differences as the reason for the switch.

This included Democrat views on military, police and abortion. Custer confirmed that in fact, the left’s “defund the police” narrative was a “definite factor” in his decision.

In recent weeks, some Democrats – including Joe Biden – admitted that “defund the police” definitely hurt their reputation.

Key Takeaways:

  • A county sheriff in Pennsylvania has dropped the Democrat Party, and become a Republican.
  • Sheriff James Custer cites ideological differences, and a “socialist agenda” he won’t support.
  • Custer also said the “defund the police” movement played a role in his decision.

Source: Fox News

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