New Impeachment Polls Should Concern Pelosi – 60% Of Battleground Voters And 84% Of Republicans Say They Oppose It

Here’s a good question: have any of the goons in D.C. bothered to ask what Americans think about impeachment?

They didn’t the last time—and guess what—they failed. Democrats are so eager to destroy Trump’s legacy and brand him a “traitor” that they ignore that nearly 74 MILLION Americans voted for him.

Should we all be impeached too? Or perhaps “liberated” as AOC has suggested?

Now, Americans are letting Congress know loud and clear what they think about this. From Breitbart:

A majority of battleground voters want Congress to move on from impeaching President Donald Trump, considering their effort both politically motivated and a waste of time and money…

60 percent of all voters view impeachment… “another waste of time and money.”

From Twitter:

A new YouGov poll shows 84% of Republicans don’t think Trump should be impeached or resign.

About three-quarters of them — so ~60% of all Republicans — say that’s because he did nothing wrong.

Two new reports reveal a large portion of America does not agree with—or support—the left’s attempts to impeach Trump.

A majority of battleground voters think it is a waste of time and money. An overwhelming number of Republicans are against it as well.

Of course, when the mainstream media reported on it, they only posted that a majority of Americans support Trump’s removal, even though they significantly oversampled Democrats.

When you put those numbers together, it shows that a significant number of both left and right voters don’t want Congress doing this.

So, why are they doing it? Why is Pelosi pushing an impeachment that is sure to fail?

In recent days, both lawmakers and legal experts explained why it won’t work. A plethora of factors shows that they will not be able to remove him from office.

Yes, we believe Nancy could be doing this to stop him from running again. But still, it won’t work?

Why can’t Congress focus on building a plan for 2021 to help all Americans? Why can’t they bury the hatchet and find a way to work together?

I guess that’s too much for career swamp dwellers, huh?

Key Takeaways:

  • New polls reveal many Americans are against a second impeachment.
  • 84% of Republicans and 60% of battleground voters think it wrong.
  • Despite these numbers, Democrats push forward anyway.

Source: BreitbartTwitter

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