Nancy Pelosi Admits It On Live TV She’s Trying To Rush Through Relief Bill Without Too Much Conversation

Nancy Pelosi kept the House closed as she prepared a $3 trillion spending bill. The package is filled with nothing but liberal goodies and had no input from Republicans.

Naturally, a bill with such a big price tag would require serious debate, right? You can’t expect something this huge to be passed without bipartisan discussion.

If you thought that, you underestimated how far Nance would go to force her agenda.

From YouTube:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that “it’s important for us to put forth our bill now without too much conversation,” when she appeared on MSNBC on 5/11/2020.

Dang. Democrats accuse Trump of a lot of things. But you could never accuse him of getting something done “without too much conversation.”

Yet that is exactly what Pelosi wants to do with the largest spending bill in U.S. history. She actually thinks she can ram this far-left, Democratic boondoggle through Congress without any discussion.

Just about every piece of legislation requires debate from all sides. That’s a crucial part of the process.

Each member of the House represents Americans. Those Americans deserve to have their say, in the form of their elected congressperson.

But Pelosi just admitted she doesn’t want to hear from Americans, as she forces this burden onto us.

Um, excuse me, Nance? I think the American people should have something to say about this $3 trillion price tag.

We’ll be paying that off for decades. Yet Nancy doesn’t want your elected representatives to discuss it!

It seems Nancy thinks Americans should have no input on the very laws that will affect all of us.

“Just let us make the decisions, like good little boys and girls,” she seems to be saying.

Are we going to let her get away with that? Did we miss a meeting of Congress that made Nance Queen of America?

This bill is one of the biggest expansions of government we’ve ever seen. Yet she thinks it won’t be discussed by members of Congress?

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Source: YouTube

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