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Motorcyclist honks at officer on phone, confrontation follows

DENVER — A motorcyclist caught a confrontation with what he thought was a distracted driver. It turns out a Denver police officer was behind the wheel.

The motorcyclist’s helmet camera captured the nearly seven-minute exchange with the officer.

Devin Jones said he started recording all his rides because of how often he comes across distracted drivers. He said he never expected it to be handled like it was.

Out for a morning ride around West 48th Avenue and Zuni Street in Denver on Wednesday morning, June 8, 2016, Jones said he got behind a car stopped at a roundabout. He said the driver, distracted by his cellphone, was impeding traffic.

So he honked.

“Put the *** phone down,” Jones is heard on the recording saying to the driver. That’s when the driver, a Denver police officer in uniform, got out to confront him.

Jones posted the video on YouTube. The incident begins at the three-minute point in the video:

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