Kevin McCarthy Calls For Removal Of Congressman – He’s Demanding Congress To Throw Out California’s Eric Swalwellv

A recent story revealed the former presidential candidate and Democratic congressmen, Eric Swalwell had a close relationship with a Chinese spy.

How close? Well, the FBI had to break the two of them up, it seems. This spy, Christine Fang, was in the business of influencing politicians through fundraisers, networking, charm, and (in some cases) sexual relationships.

That does not bode well for Mr. Swalwell—since we don’t yet know the nature of his relationship with Fang.

But Republicans are not sleeping on this story. House Minority Leader McCarthy is demanding answers.

And he wants Swalwell removed, not just from a powerful committee, but from Congress entirely. From The Daily Wire:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) called for Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, to be “removed from Congress” following an explosive report this week about his connections to a suspected Chinese spy…

McCarthy noted that members of the House Intelligence Committee gets classified information that other members of Congress do not get.

McCarthy finds it troubling that a member of the House Intelligence Committee had such a close relationship with a Chinese spy.

In fact, the FBI had to get involved, by “briefing” Swalwell on who Fang really was. That means Swalwell got so close to her, that the Feds got worried.

That should trouble most Americans. What did Swalwell know on this important committee that might have passed over to Fang?

And if he was really that close to this spy, is it possible that she was influencing some of his decisions?

McCarthy seems to think so, pointing to recent decisions by the committee to ax his China Task Force.

Swalwell was one of many House Democrats harping on the rumors that Trump was being influenced by Russia. All the while, he was chummy with a literal spy.

Shouldn’t there be repercussions for that? This man should have known better. What made him so gullible to trust a Chinese spy?

If there were the 1950’s, he might be in jail right now. But instead, Democrats say nothing.

Removal from the Intelligence Committee should only be the start.

Do you think Eric Swalwell should be removed from Congress?

Key Takeaways:

  • Kevin McCarthy calls for Eric Swalwell to be removed from the House Intelligence Committee.
  • Swalwell was outed for his relationship with a Chinese spy.
  • McCarthy worried Swalwell’s access to sensitive information might have leaked to Fang.

Source: Daily Wire

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