Jill Biden Spills The Beans On Her Divorce – But Joe’s Version Of Events Doesn’t Line Up With Hers

I think it’s safe to say most Americans don’t know much about Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden.

What we do know is that there was some controversy about how they got together

After Joe Biden lost his first wife to cancer, he at some point met Jill. She ended up divorcing her husband and marrying Joe.

The timeline of events has always been a bit of a mystery. And it seems, in a recent interview, Jill herself contradicted what Joe has said in the past.

From Daily Mail:

‘If we didn’t divorce I wouldn’t have met Joe’: Jill Biden opens up about splitting with ex (which is very different to husband’s recollection that she started seeing Joe BEFORE they split)…

Jill, who divorced from her first husband in 1975, said she was glad her marriage ended because otherwise she ‘wouldn’t have met Joe’ and have her family now

Why It’s Important:

Controversy arose about Jill and Joe’s relationship after her ex-husband started throwing around accusations.

Eager to publish a tell-all book, her ex claims Joe Biden started seeing Jill before they got divorced.

Jill claims that she first met Joe on a blind date after she got divorced. Joe says he “fell in love” with her when she saw her in a photo.

It doesn’t seem everyone’s stories are matching up. What is truly surprising is how Jill is trying to peddle her murky love-life as advice on a talk show.

When your marriage ends in a messy divorce and you have to get remarried, maybe you shouldn’t be giving people advice on love and life.

As her husband dodges sinking approval and controversial decisions, Jill appears to be doing damage control with puff pieces on a former pop star’s talk show.

But with controversy continuing to swirl around the timeline of their relationship, why is she even bringing attention to it?

Key Takeaways:

  • Jill Biden talked about her relationship with Joe on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show.
  • Her timeline of their relationship appears to contradict what her ex-husband says.
  • Joe claims he first met Jill after her divorce, contrary to what her ex claims.

Source: Daily Mail

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