Display dual screen – Hisense phone overtaking the Hisense market

  At MWC2017, Hisense made an outstanding offer with the dual-screen mobile phone  A2, and the new flagship became a new domestic force in the new flagship. So far, this is the 17th year that  Hisense has caught the edge of the mobile phone. After a quiet follow-up over the past few years, Hisense’s mobile phones have been constantly caught up in public view in recent years. At the same time, it is reborn in the market share. The birth of mobile phones is an important weight for Hisense to revitalize the mobile phone brand. Hisense, a new force in domestic mobile phones, has taken a keen interest in how Hisense mobile phone brands and strategies break the new path of domestic mobile phone ascent channels, with Dr. Ma, director of our Hisense R&D Center exclusive Interview happened.

The Hisense dual screen is not just two screens

 Although Hisense A2 dual display screen display at MWC has become the focus of ink on a screen in the back of the mobile phone users’ concern, the phone brand or YotaPhone, but like the idea, Dr. Ma Sense believes in  A2  dual In essence, this is much better than a Utah phone. Hisense  O 2  traditional “mobile phone + burning” of stacking is not an easy “to-one”, but also a “dual screen” concept does away with the concept of “single screen” and dual-screen to deliver a complete system design does. The dual-screen freedom to achieve a blind spot of physical interaction, which is unmatched by other dual-screen mobile phones.

    Dr. Ma tells us that to communicate effectively between dual screens, Hisense has been digging pain points from user needs and helping users use dual screens through visual design. ۔ These details Hisense  O 2  are displayed in. For example, Hisense  A2 places the fingerprint recognition key on the aspect of the fungus. When the user is exposed to different screens upwards, the fingerprints that touch the fingerprint recognition element are different. Setting different fingerprints to unlock can unlock different screens, get smoother with one hand. Dual-screen switching, but Dr. Ma also fears that this sophisticated concept will not allow ordinary users to start working quickly.

    Hisense  A2  material for color display screen ink, many traditional single-screen cell phones to implement operations, such as images can be ported can not be obtained, Hisense  A2  better image quality As with the viewfinder, the ink behind the screen completes the selfies without any pressure. In a dual-screen conversation, the ink screen can also be used as a front-screen assistant. Hisense  O 2  is easy to enjoy, which opens the original concept of the traditional mobile phone operation. Thoughts.

    However, Hisense is no example of dual-screen interaction. At the same time, dual-screen interaction and single-screen interaction are completely different. Only Hisense is developing in the market. In front of this big virgin land, Dr. Ma believes that there is a treasure to be discovered. See more new ways of dual-screen interaction in second-generation or after-products.

    Dare to try out dual-screen design and dual-screen interaction. Hisense also faces many challenges. “Ink screens have their disadvantages, such as slow refreshments and delays, but there are many benefits, such as eye protection, low power consumption, etc. In the scenario, letting users make full use of this screen is helpful. What they do or don’t do on this screen is a challenge to the design of the system. “Dr. Ma told us that the development of an Android mobile phone is a complete system today. However, Hisense  O 2  ink screen. The dual screen may not want to include fully its potential in the traditional Android system. He human-computer interaction design and software There are design issues, and Android interaction has to be rebuilt.

    The same goes for hardware. The back cover of a typical mobile phone is very thin. Dr. Ma told us that Hisense will incorporate a screen assembly into a traditional mobile phone, which exceeds the original back cover thickness. This is a stacking technology for the Hisense R&D team. The needs are very high. “Hisense  O 2  to a thickness very difficult.” Hisense  O 2  thickness of the body is only 8.45 mm.

    Also, users immediately to allow you to accept dual-screen design, Hisense to O 2  there is also some detailed design, as users do not have concerns about the strength. Hisense  O 2  dual-screen Corning Gorilla Glass is more resistant to falling, and the middle frame blanket design. To allow users to make full use of dual screens, Hisense has incorporated mainstream eBook reading apps, especially for awakening everyone’s reading habits.

    Dr. Ma also told us that there was no increase in power consumption by adding an ink screen to the back of the phone. The ink screen does not use electricity when there is no ink. In contrast, the ink screen on the back shows the contents of the main screen in a low-screen state. Then, you have very little power is required to shut down the main screen to run the phone with consumption, and TV  chat will maintain the integrity of the third-party app functions, users of traditional energy-saving Mode is more acceptable.

Splinters catch the burn consumer

    In our communications, Hisense has positioned the target group of existing dual-screen mobile phones in the current middle-class group. Most of them have a good education and background. At the same time, they believe that complementary knowledge and learning are an important part of life, and they focus on using their eyes. Healthy you will find that this is very similar to the crowded positioning of the burn, but Hisense does not bother losing the burn users. Dr. Ma believes that one of the fundamental changes at the moment is that everyone is busy. Needs both paper books and Kindle. Time and user behavior are usually scattered. This contradiction is very suitable for people to put the pile of ashes, which still read after buying the Kindle mobile phone now Hisense  O 2 The appearance makes full use of the user’s scattered time, while it is also worth introducing the health and eye-catching power-saving features of mobile phones, as well as a portable device that cannot burn. ۔

   If you look closely at Hisense mobile phone products in recent years, you will find that in addition to the dual-screen mobile phones, Hansens has also done a good job in defending three of the King Kong series. Hisense is more focused and unwanted in market segments. Compete directly with the mainstream markets. However, Dr. Ma believes that Hisense mobile phone is more focused on the future. In the niche, the present mainstream is not the mainstream and niche of the future. Mainstream and non-stream are a dynamic concept. Now Hisense has completed three proof of technology and dual-screen technology. Combined, when the three defense and dual screens become hotspots to be pursued by different manufacturers in the future, Hisense preview layout will win the opportunity in the future market, and to develop the brand to move forward I will also help.

The purpose of Hisense mobile phones: to develop high-end different products

    Also, Dr. Ma revealed that although Hisense started as a power device, Hisense’s mobile phones will become the strategic direction of the Hisense Group. I have accumulated the best capabilities to recommend. In terms of channels and marketing, Hisense Mobile will increasingly rely on the Group’s robust marketing system, which will rely on robust planning, quality control team, and sales and service team, to establish a sound market channel. Yes, and the most important thing is to get consumers on the ink screen faster. Hisense A2  payments eventually received sales of 100,000 to 150,000.

    Hisense, which started as an electric device, entered the mobile phone field in 2000. It has a history of 17 years from today, witnessing almost the ing of the Chinese market development process from feature phones to smartphones. The senses not only persisted but also became a strategic target of the group. Dr. Ma told us that although the advantages of Hisense are in white and black electricity, the ecosystem of the future should be around smart homes. When Sens is building its smart home environment, mobile phones will be an indispensable link. Also, the upcoming sales model will change as well, so Hisense cannot miss this link, and it has to work well.

    To make good mobile phones His, Hisense has set goals for itself over the next few years. The first is to focus on the key markets and find out which markets are a key growth point. Focus on advanced products. Only products with technical content can market the brand. Hisense brand and value, so Hisense should dare to try Third, focus on product differentiation, consumers need to differentiate, in the blood of smartphones, Hisense has to win consumers through differentiation.   

    The future of Hisense mobile phones, Dr. Ma is full of confidence. He told us that Hisense is a slow company, running slowly but steadily, emphasizing the company’s long-term foundation. Compared with the up-and-coming Internet companies after your death, this may be the new way to look for a home-grown mobile phone.

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