Democrats And Republicans Team Up Against Biden – They’re Going To Fight His Coming Tax Hikes Of $3T

You don’t often see Democrats and Republicans agree on much these days. Normally, Democrats do everything in their power to undermine and circumvent conservative values.

But sometimes, things are so dire that even leftists have to work with Republicans.

With Biden claiming he wants unity, it seems he’s finally creating some by being as radical as possible.

Thanks to that, some Democrats and Republicans are teaming up to take on Joe. From Axios:

President Biden’s plan to pay for his coming infrastructure package with big tax hikes already is meeting some resistance from moderate Democrats, a stumbling block for his progressive ambitions…

Biden will face a complicated path to cover more than $3 trillion he is expected to seek, in multiple proposals, for infrastructure as well as social welfare.

And Republicans are joining them to oppose Biden’s toxic plan. From Axios:

Top GOP operatives have formed a group to fight President Biden’s plans to raise taxes to pay for his expected $3 trillion-plus infrastructure package.

Both Republicans and Democrats are working to oppose Biden’s promise to raise $3 trillion in new taxes to pay for his ridiculous agenda.

We shouldn’t be surprised to see Republicans working to oppose Biden’s plan. In 2017, Republicans banded together to pass some of the biggest tax cuts in our history.

That move spurred on job creation, higher wages, and better bonuses for millions.

Now, Biden is set to do the opposite by hitting companies and wealthy Americans (which will eventually hurt all Americans).

But we should take note that moderate Democrats also oppose Biden’s agenda.

Many moderate Democrats come from swing states or largely red states. Back home, the folks are none-too-pleased to learn Biden wants to take the bread out of their mouths.

The radicals in D.C. may do as they please, unconcerned for the problems of real Americans. But many moderate Democrats can’t afford to do that—and keep their jobs.

What is surprising is that they want to fight Biden at all. The top Democrats in D.C. have made it clear it’s their way or the highway. Pelosi and Schumer seem unwilling to oppose the radical left. Hell, they might be leading it by now.

It will take a strong effort by moderate Democrats to oppose their rule.

Key Takeaways:

  • Moderate Democrats and Republicans are working to oppose Biden’s tax hikes.
  • Biden wants to raise taxes by $3 trillion to pay for his reckless spending.
  • Moderate Democrats stand to suffer the most, coming from swing and red states.

Source: AxiosAxios

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