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Deadly dilemma: Gangster who shot Hells Angel told kill yourself, be killed or we kill your family

Hours after shooting Hells Angel Bob Green, Jason Wallace found himself alone with an unimaginable choice.

Devastated, drunk and high on drugs, the 856 gangster had driven to a spot near Harrison Lake where he had previously camped.

He called his friend Justin to talk. But someone else took over the phone.

The mystery man gave Wallace two options: He could kill himself. Or he could turn himself in to the Hells Angels and they would do it for him.

If he didn’t, his family would be executed.

It took Wallace until the next day to make a different choice.

Just after 9:30 a.m., he placed a distraught 911 call during which he confessed to killing Green at a drug-fuelled 19-hour party in a makeshift gang clubhouse.

And he told police his family was in danger.

Wallace was arrested and charged with second-degree murder, saving himself from the biker threats to his life.

His close friend Shaun Clary, who brought to the party the gun that Wallace fired in Green’s direction, was not so lucky. Clary’s dismembered body was found on Robertson Crescent in Langley, 10 days after the high-profile Hells Angels’ slaying.

Shocking new details about the night Green died are revealed in court documents obtained by Postmedia News from Wallace’s surprise guilty plea and sentencing hearing in November.

Surrey provincial court Judge Ellen Gordon handed the longtime criminal 6½ years for manslaughter. The original murder charge was dropped.

The documents provide the likely motive for Clary’s grisly demise — he was part of a drunken dispute that led Wallace to grab Clary’s loaded handgun and fire it, striking an intoxicated Green in the head.

On the day of Wallace’s guilty plea, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team said publicly for the first time that the Clary murder and the Green shooting were linked. But IHIT provided no details about how the deaths were connected.

Postmedia has pieced together the story of that deadly day and its disturbing aftermath.


It was just after 3 p.m. on Oct. 15

, when Green, Wallace, his brother Taylor, Clary and several others arrived at the 856 Gang’s makeshift clubhouse, in a rented Quonset hut on a rural Langley acreage at 23788 72nd Ave.

They were ready to party. There was booze, cocaine, GHB, MDMA, ketamine and nitrous oxide (laughing gas). They were inhaling the gas from balloons that Clary was in charge of filling from gas canisters.

Green, 56, had been associated to the 856 Gang since its formation in the mid-2000s, through his cousin Lenny Pelletier and Pelletier’s son Caylen.

The Pelletiers were also close to Wallace, who was then 27. In fact, the elder Pelletier and Wallace were co-accused in a drug trafficking case and were out on bail the night of the fatal party.

Closed-circuit cameras fixed on the exterior of the Quonset hut showed the comings and goings over the critical 20 hours on Oct. 15 and 16.

Just before 8 p.m. on Oct. 15, Wallace, his brother, Green and two others left the hut, driving off in Green’s Chevy Suburban. They returned almost four hours later and continued inhaling from their gas balloons.

Green, meanwhile, had called his friend Mandev Johal telling him that he would need a ride home that night. Johal left Vancouver and picked up a friend in Burnaby before heading out to the 856 clubhouse to drive Green home.

Those gathered inside the two-storey Quonset hut left again, about 1 a.m., after sucking in nitrous oxide for another hour.

Green’s Suburban is seen on the surveillance footage, followed by Johal’s Tahoe, arriving back at the clubhouse just after 2 a.m.


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