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Man Robs Bank To Buy Harley

n a story that could’ve been written by the satire site The Onion, police say William Ethridge robbed West Star Federal Credit Union in Las Vegas Tuesday and got away with approximately $19,000. In the robbery, Ethridge took one of the tellers hostage and as he walking out of the ...

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How to Carve Corners on Your Harley Like a Boss

Having trouble in the turns on your Harley? Check out some of these expert HD Forums member tips! Obviously, you don’t buy a Harley with grand delusions of whipping around curvy mountain roads like the second coming of Casey Hart. But you need to at least be able to handle ...

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A Brief History of Harley-Davidson’s Big Twins

A Brief History of Harley-Davidson’s Big TwinsWith the unveiling of Harley-Davidson’s new Milwaukee-Eight engine this week, RideApart decided to take… With the unveiling of Harley-Davidson’s new Milwaukee-Eight engine this week, RideApart decided to take a look back at the big twins that have come before. Most of Harley-Davidson’s engine nomenclature ...

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5 Of The Many Benefits In Joining A Motorcycle Club

While motorcycle clubs aren’t for everyone, being a member of one can be rewarding and enriching experience. When riding a motorcycle is about having freedom – the freedom to go where you want, when you want, however you want – why would one consider restricting their activities within an organized ...

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Three members of the Darkside chapter of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club in Melbourne, Australia, have been charged with selling liquor without a liquor license — and the club’s liquor and fridge seized and destroyed by police. Taskforce Razon, which investigates licensed premises and licensing laws in Australia’s state of ...

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Why Outlaw Biker Gangs Ride Harley-Davidsons

How America’s best-selling motorcycle marque became notoriously tied to a criminal underworld Photos by Bill Ray/Time-Life Outlaw biker gangs like the Hell’s Angels have been identified with Harley-Davidson motorcycles since the first member of Chicago’s Outlaw Motorcycle Club threw his leg over a motorcycle back in the ’30s. Over the ...

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