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Road Raging Idiot Uses Parking Lane And Gets Instant Karma

This Youtuber was driving along minding his own business in Vancouver the other … This Youtuber was driving along minding his own business in Vancouver the other day when a Honda Civic motorist unlawfully used a parking lane to weave through traffic. Driving downtown in the afternoon, traffic gets stopped ...

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Biker gets instant revenge on car that cut him off

There’s nothing sweeter than a healthy dose of instant karma. A motorcyclist was riding in the left lane of a two lane road in South Windsor, Connecticut, when the lanes begin to merge. A car in the right lane decided to cut the motorcycle off. After a few beeps and ...

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10 Signs you’re living the Biker Lifestyle

“We Ride not to escape life, but for life not to escape us” Incidentally, not even half the folks that call themselves Bikers actually live the lifestyle of one. And we don’t blame them for it. It’s just the way of the world. It ties you down. Work, career, relationships, ...

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What I Wish I Knew When I Started Riding Motorcycles

New riders have an idea of what motorcycling will be like. They are usually very wrong. Just about everyone who gets into motorcycling for sport or transport learns a few basic things early on. But lucky you, I’ve got the inside line. I wish I’d known a few things before ...

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The Man Who Saved Harley Davidson – And Your Spine

Missourian Jim Schmig was on hand for one of the most important developments in motorcycling history. “I was cruising down St. Charles Rock Road around St. Louis one day in 1977, and I saw the most unusual Harley frame,” Schmig said. “I stopped at a bike shop, it was called ...

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Why bikers avoid white lines: the truth about road markings

You can dismiss the humble white line as just ‘paint’, but those in the trade know it as a much more high-tech invention called the Thermoplastic Road Marking or ‘TRM’. TRMs were originally developed during the 1940s, their inbuilt reflectivity helping motorists navigate darkened roads during wartime blackouts. Since doing ...

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