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Abe-amania: The Wrestling Career Of Abraham Lincoln

Before he was a statue in Washington DC; before Emancipation and Gettysburg; before he was considered the greatest president in history, Abraham Lincoln was a lanky young man working for a shopkeeper named Denton Offutt in New Salem, Illinois. Denton loved young Lincoln—the kid was, after all, a lean 6’4” ...

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The Coelacanth And The Mysteries Of The Deep

At first glance, the coelacanth (pronounced SEE-le-kanth) kind of just looks like any other fish in the sea. It’s got a fishy head, fishy eyes, fishy fins. Many people might look at one and assume it’s unremarkable. Why should anyone care about this particular denizen of the deep when there are great ...

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Dido Elizabeth Belle: A Portrait Of England’s Hidden Past

At Scone Palace in Perth, Scotland, a 1779 painting by portrait artist David Martin hangs. The artwork depicts two high-born women, both in lavish 18th-century dresses, and both gazing good-naturedly out from the painting. One of the women, now identified as Dido Elizabeth Belle, looks over with a cheeky, enigmatic ...

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