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BREAKING Paul Teutul Killed In Crash [VIDEO]

Paul Teutul is a famous American motorcycle builder and designer. His appearances on American Chopper reality show is what brought him to the limelight. In the recent past, Paul Teutul senior has been through a lot of troubles, both in his family and at work. In addition, there have been persistent rumors going around the media claiming that he is dead. Below are well-researched facts about Paul Teutul Sr’s death rumors.

Who is Paul Teutul Sr?

Paul Teutul Sr. was born as Paul John Teutul on 1st May 1949, thus making him 70 years old. His wiki-bio reports that he was born in Yonkers, New York. Thereafter, his parents relocated to Pearl River, New York, where he grew up. During the Vietnam war, Teutul Sr. joined the US Merchant Marines.

At the start of his career, Paul Teutul opened a fabrication shop named Orange County Ironworks. The shop is currently being managed by Paul Teutul’s son, Daniel.

In 1999, he founded Orange County Choppers, which manufacturers custom motorcycles. He is also the main cast on American Chopper reality television series. Initially, he appeared in the show alongside his two sons, Paul Teutul Jr. and Michael Teutul.

Paul Teutul Sr. has been married and divorced twice. In 1969, he married his first wife, Paula Teutul, with whom he bore all his four children.

Unfortunately, Paul was killed today in car accident. You can watch the video HERE.

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