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Biker Threatened with Jail if He Doesn’t Apologize for Swearing at a Cop, He Stands his Ground

After a negligent police officer nearly runs over several bikers, one biker voiced his discontent. He was then pulled over and treated like a 4-year-old but stood by his words.

In a video uploaded to Facebook on Wednesday, Michael Cates filmed a disturbing interaction between police and retired truck driver, Russel Ayers. The recording shows police threatening Ayers with incarceration after he refused to apologize to an officer, after calling him a “f*cking asshole.”

The confrontation took place after the officer’s partner allegedly came close to plowing through a group of bikers on Highway 62 in Thomasville, North Carolina. The cruiser was reportedly going 100 mph in a 60 mph zone, with no siren or lights.

“All I want you to do is apologize for what you called my brother, the guy I go into battle with every day,” the officer told Ayers.

Ayers refused as he called the officer an idiot once again for his unsafe driving that could have been disastrous for the men on motorcycles.

“I’m not justifying that, you’re right. That’s unsafe. I’m not justifying that behavior, what I’m telling you that when you call my brother an idiot we’ve got problems,” the officer continued on to say.

“He said a f*cking idiot,” the man’s friend corrects the officer.

The confrontation continues as the officer whines petulantly at Ayers to apologize for his words instead of demanding that his “battle brother” apologize to the men on bikes who could have been killed by his reckless driving.

Approximately two minutes and forty seconds into the video the officer threatens to take Ayers to jail if he continues to call the officer’s coworker names.

“I was asking you a man to man request,” the officer whines.

“Man to man I will not take back what I said. It takes a fucking idiot to run down that road like that,” Ayers boldly proclaims.

“If you say it again then you’re going to jail, fair enough? I’ve warned you,” the officer states.

“That’s drastic,” Cates notes as he continues to film.

After being told they were free to go and leaving the scene, the men were further harassed by the officers. In an interview, Cates told The Free Thought Project,

“We pulled around all the cop cars and parked. Got off our bikes and we left about 30 minutes after that. Went back to our town three miles away and met a thomasville cop. He turned around in the middle of the road to come chase us. We pulled in a restaurant and he pulled in across the street to a parking lot where he sat until we left. When we left my friend went left and I went right. The cop followed me until I pulled over on the shoulder he pulled up beside me. I asked him to stop following me, then he went around me.”


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