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Biker Tells BMW Driver To Put Down His Phone, BMW Driver Swipes Him Down…

Samuel Ayres, a motorcyclist who called out the driver of a BMW for talking on his cell phone, ended up in the hospital after the same motorist purportedly knocked him over moments later.

The Los Angeles biker recorded the road-rage incident that took place on March 26, 2015, on his helmet camera that shows him approaching the BMW E92 3-Series Convertible at a stop light and telling the driver to “Put down your f***ing phone, you’re in your car”.

Apparently, the BMW motorist didn’t take kindly to Ayres’ request and 30 seconds later, he passes by seemingly knocking him off his bike at speed and driving away, leaving the motorcyclist moaning and groaning on the ground.

According to Ayres, the crash left him with, a severe concussion, two hairline fractures in his left shoulder, a broken left foot, many bumps and bruises, and a hefty hospital bill, as he claims that the driver’s insurance won’t be covering all of the medical expenses. For this reason, Ayres has opened an online fundraising page.

Here’s how Ayres described the road-rage incident on his donation page:

“On March 26, 2015, I was driving to work on my motorcycle. It was a fairly typical commute, full of cagers cutting me off, merging into me and generally just not paying close enough attention.

As I was filtering up to the front of a light, I noticed one particular man in a black BMW convertible. He was very busy texting and talking away on his mobile phone. He became visibly angry when I yelled at him to put down his cell phone while he was in his car. Even after he honked at me, much to my surprise, I kept my cool… I didn’t flip him off or get into his face, however much I wanted to. Once the light turned green, I proceeded through the intersection, making my turn. Behind me, the BMW driver came flying up behind me very aggressively. After a couple of blocks, he pulled into the center lane to my left and, once he was parallel with me, swerved his car into my lane, knocking both my bike and myself to the ground. Without slowing, the driver took off down the road.

Aside from a significant amount of bumps and bruises, I suffered a severe concussion (bad enough for me to forget what day, month and year it was and knocking all memory of the past week out of my head), two hairline fractures in my left shoulder and a broken left foot (which would require surgery).

Because the driver is currently under criminal investigation, I will be unable to go after him or his insurance. for any sort of compensation for quite a while. Additionally, the insurance on the car (which was not owned by the driver) only has a very small amount of coverage for medical and property damage. All of this money has been swallowed up in one quick swoop by my significant amount of bills. I’m left still having to pay several thousand dollars for my health insurance’s out of pocket maximum. Additionally, I’m left with several bills associated with purchasing medical equipment (crutches, shower seat, etc.) and transportation (car rental, Lyft rides). My credit cards are close to full-up and these bills will be coming due very soon.

Please take a moment to watch the video of the accident and browse through some of my photos. I would appreciate any help you could offer to ease the burden of my medical bills.”

Thanks to Ellz for the heads up!

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