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Biker Loses His Old Lady While On A Ride

This is *so* scary! A couple is taking a ride down the road on their motorcycle, the sun is out, traffic is light, there are a few other motorcycles on the road..it’s the perfect scenario for a nice, quiet, relaxing ride. They slow down, as the tractor trailer in front of them is coming to a stop, and the biker’s old lady puts her foot down to the pavement. For unknown reasons, the biker reverses, causing his old lady to lose her footing.

The truck pulls forward, and the biker, who doesn’t realize his old lady has lost her balance, takes off as normal, and she completely falls off the bike. She hits the pavement face down, and isn’t moving. That’s when the motorcyclist behind them, who is taping the whole ordeal, races forward to check on her. The biker runs up to his old lady, and he’s obviously scared, as she lays in the middle of the road, unresponsive.

For what seems like forever, they try and wake her, as cars passing by stop to see if they are in need of help. The group eventually gets her to wake up and stand up, but wow, is this one of the scariest things ever! Watch it for yourself below, and tell us in the comments how scared you were for the biker’s old lady! It could have been much worse, and we hope she is feeling much better now! Remember, BON family – keep a lookout on the road for you and your passenger! Your old lady is precious cargo on the back of that bike!

Biker Loses His Old Lady

Scary scene when a biker's wife takes a dive off the bike…

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