BEAUTIFUL Skinny Girls Twerking On A Boat: See What Went Wrong!

WHEN he saw a boatload of bikini-clad babes dancing this man must have thought he’d won the jackpot – until he suffered an embarrassing fall overboard.

Spotting the beautiful ladies on the boat next to his, the guy couldn’t believe his eyes as they started dancing seductively and wiggling their bums.

One blonde and tanned lass seems very keen to get her groove on as she shows off her best moves in a black string bikini.

At one point, she even climbs on top of another girl and begins to writhe around astride her.

This is all too much for the bloke watching from the sidelines, who decides he just has to go and join the girls on their boat.

Edging along the side of his own vessel, he leaps across the gap to land on the ladies’ speedboat.

He just about makes it and spends a happy few seconds aboard their boat, watching the girls as they continue to dance.

The pleasure is short-lived, however, as just seconds later the poor lad loses his balance and falls backwards.

Crashing into the side of the vessel, he just stops himself hitting the water – but ends up straddling the area between the two boats.

At this point the footage ends so that the man’s buddy – who is filming the whole escapade – can go and help his friend.

The unfortunate guy’s determination to join the girls may all have been worth it – after all, he did manage a few seconds in paradise.

Boats seem to be the perfect place for picking up good-looking girls, as one huge party on board a massive ship proved.

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