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How you Can Start Blogging Successfully

Hi, do you want to know how I started blogging? Then in this post, I will be sharing with you tips and tricks, the passion have grew over the years of blogging. You are reading this post because you actually want to learn or want to start blogging. I guess am right and I am going to show you my example on how I started blogging.

Blogging is a changing life experience for me and with that have been able to enjoy life to the fullest if not to the richest and the weathiest but one of the most comfortable because it gives me the chance to able to do anything I want at anytime at my own disposal and my own convenience. Anything that makes money and cant gives you a sense of rest or time of relaxing then it is worth trying another source of income.

There are thousands of blogs out there that are not making any single dime from their blog because eof the misuse information or the kind of resources they are making use of. If you want to start blogging, like you really want to make good amount of money from your blog, then you need to know what works and what did not.

If you are following the crowd to think the same as making money with blogging, some might work for you and some might not work for you, you have you just find the useful information so you can make the same money as they are making.

My own story of blogging is a little bit different from others because as for me I started very late and very early in the same sense. What do I mean by very late? I started blogging about some years back when I was in high school, during that time I don’t know what they even call a blog or a website, I only know about Google that hosts blogs, all because of that, I enrolled for a course on how to make money online. Mind you, making money online requires a lot of testing and a lot of trying out, you just have to know what works.

There are a lot of people finding online and extremely trying to looks for ways to make money online, and there are thousands of ways and out of them, only few are very legitimate and that;s what really make money. So I enrolled for the course and this woman taught me how to make money online and while leaning, she didn’t tell me how to create a blog all by myself she only explained how to make money with a blog and that left me blank, what else could I do?

I started looking for ways to create a blog for myself without paying any money and I found blogspot which is a free hosting site owned by Google, that’s where I started from and now that I know how to create a blog, how to make money with it is now a problem.

With some research and some testings , I went to  look for ways to make money as well and that lead me to part 2

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