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How to make money with Amazon

Hi, do you want to know how to make money with amazon Then in this post, I will \be sharing with tips and tricks you need to know so that you also can be making money from amazon. Amazon is a very old company and it is one of the best ecommerce website to purchase all kinds of varieties of goods and as well services.

It is a platform where people buy and sell products online, a platform that connects the buyers to the sellers. In their part of business, they introduced what they called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting products or services to your users and if any order is purchased, then you receive a commission on the type of product you are promoting. When we talk about the best and the easiest way for a new blogger to start making money online, It is through amazon affiliate because it provides more than expectation and it is very easy to find a purchase and make good money.

If you are looking for ways to make money online and you are seriously determined by the process, starting with amazon affiliate program is not a big deal, not that after some months you will be able to make thousands of dollars all of a sudden, well as much as it is very sweet that way, it is not easy.Although if you go online and check those that are making thousands of dollars per month, well they are having more sales is different and we are going to treat one of the issues so that when you get started as well, you can start making your dream money.

Amazon actually pays between 4-10% commission to their affiliates, you might think this value or percentage is very small but to be sincere with you, it is not because with much promotion, you can make more money with a focused kind of niches.

So to the question, How to make money with Amazon

As we have explained that to make money with amazon is through affiliate marketing, that is you are promoting someone’s product, and you are paid a commission on a single sale or renewal, well it all depends but for amazon, they pay after a consumer pays.

But the issue is this, you can be on amazon affiliate for more than months and not able to make any single dime money, I tell you the truth, I have once been in the shoe of not making any money with my blog even after some illustrations by outside people who are also looking for money. They teach you junks and the junks fed you up not to make money atall.

If you want to make money with amazon, take these steps;

Market Research

So why market research. Market research helps in analysing the current selling products in the market and also very demanding, If you compare the two result you should make money with your amazon affiliate account. Just make sure you do a market research and try to find trending and best keywords of products before you start promoting. Sometimes, you might want to promote through paid advertisement or straight from your blog, if you are not doing a market research, it could only cost you more than expect.

If you do enough of market research that single tool will make you make money with your Amazon

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