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How to Insanely Drive Free Traffic to your Blog

Do you want to know how drive free traffic to your blog for free. In this post, I will be sharing with you tips and tricks you need to drive traffic to your blog. If you don’t know, to make money with your blog, then you to be receiving traffic to your blog.

When I started blogging, I don’t actually know how to drive traffic to your blog from Google or through social network. If you will learn these important steps, then you will know how to drive traffic to your blog for free. How do you get traffic from Google

I will be sharing with you how to drive free traffic to your blog through Google trends. It is a partner website from google that you can use to find trending keywords, It is a type of website that is developed by Google to analyse and help to give trending keywords on Google as a search engine. The best kind of traffic you can ever be receiving is from google because the traffic is free and very targeted as well.

But if you want to make use of google trend very well, then you need to make use of Google keyword planner as well, to give you how competitive those keywords you want to use are. If you really want to rank very high on the first page of Google, then you will be go for less competitive keywords because this will help you rank a little and you start receiving minimal traffic in no time.

As I mentioned before, Google trends will only give you trending per the time you need, for example if you want to know the keywords that people are actually looking for at the moment on Google, then you will type in a particular keyword, for example, let’s say am into “Blogging niche”, then I can search for “blogging”, if I do this and target the important countries, then it will bring out the relevant keywords that are trending at the moment.

It is very important to know that in some niches, before you can rank, it can be quiet hard and very challenging, because we have some authoritative sites that have been blogging on that same topic over years and are ranking on the same first page. If you want to receive good amount of traffic to your blog, then you need to do some good keyword research and then use those keywords into your post. If you do that, with time in some weeks, your blog will be picked up by Google and you start receiving free traffic to your blog.

There is nothing so better than receiving free traffic from google, it will do a lot of things for you, it will help you make more sales and gives you more money. After doing your keyword research, then what next

You need to learn how to incorporate those keywords into your blog post so that it can be search engine friendly, if you do that by placing the keywords on your first paragraph, second paragraph, middle content or the last paragraph. If you do that, some of your blog post will start ranking very well.

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