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Affiliate marketing Guide

Do you want to know how to do affiliate marketing very well. Then in this post, I will be sharing with you how to do affiliate marketing very well. Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money online because it is one the type of making money business that can make you times 10 of any display networks.

In my own terms, I defined affiliate marketing is the type of marketing which involves promoting someone’s else product to your users and in return you are paid a certain percentage of commission. It can be any amount of money in commission, very low or very large just depending on the kind of products you are promoting. There is a lot of things that it takes to make money with affiliate marketing, if you do it wrong, you won’t be making any money but if you do it right, you will be making thousands of dollars per month.

There are some bloggers that are banking more than thousands of dollars per month with promoting products online, and you can do the same. The likes of michelle of makingsenseofcents.com who makes over $30k per month from affiliating with Bluehost (a hosting company) and she is pretty doing well with this alone.

So you can actually make thousands of dollars per month from affiliate marketing if you do it the right way, when I started blogging, I was so eager and very promising to make money in no time so I joined an affiliate company and I started promoting their products, it was very saddened that I couldn’t even get a click to getting conversion at all of no whatever the price is. That’s why you need to understand the real strategies to working with affiliate companies and getting the most out of it.

Some bloggers because they want to make money fast, they just keep promoting products all over the place and out of many, it is only few conversion they will have and might not even be sufficient for the kind of money they want to make and all those people quit last.

If you really want to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to know how to do market research, keyword research, choosing the right products and how to target the right audience. All these are very important in making money with affiliate marketing, lets take each of them very carefully.

Market research

The very first thing you need to do before promoting any kind of products on your blog to your users or through your users, then you need to find products that you know your users are really looking for and you know that they will actually buy the product from you, if you have successfully done your research, then you have solved one of the most challenging that most affiliate marketers always face.

How do you do market research. You can make use of Google Keyword Planner, it will give you the breakdown on how many people are looking for what you are about to promote, if you do all these things, you will surely have good rate of conversion.

Keyword Research

Here is more related to market research but as for market research is a broad search, a keyword research is only related to a single keyword that you know is going to do, for example, you want to promote shoes on your shoe blog, there are a lot of varieties of shoes, then you can just find a targeted shoe to promote, like Nike shoes, if you do your keyword research, it will give you a broad idea about what you should be expecting.

Choosing the Right Product

I guess that after going through the market research and keyword research, then you need to choose the right product, this step as the name simply means is not that easy but if you do it right by choosing the right product, then you can make money with it.

Target the Right Audience

To be successful in any online campaign then you need to target the right audience. If you do this, surely they will buy your products very easily and more money to your bank. Since the time I started with affiliate marketing, I have realized that most US, UK or CANADA do perform well. After sending traffic to your blog, be also be sure that you need to keep your customers’mail so you can send them more promotional.

If you do these things, you are sure to be making money with your affiliate marketing.

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