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17 Reasons why your Motorcycle is better than your Girlfriend

  1. You can bathe your Motorcycle in front of your mother
  2. You gift your Motorcycle, the things that you want
  3. She’s always ready to go on a long ride
  4. She speaks only when you want her to. If your Motorcycle is too loud, you buy her a muffler.
  5. You can have more than one Motorcycle at the same time
  6. You can ride your Motorcycle anytime you want
  7. You can ride your Motorcycle the first time you meet her without taking her out to dinner or a movie
  8. Your Motorcycle accepts you just the way you are
  9. You don’t have to be jealous of the guy who works on your Motorcycle
  10. Your Motorcycle refers to PMS as Parked Motorcycle Syndrome
  11. When you gift your Motorcycle a saddlebag, she carries stuff for you
  12. You can ride your Motorcycle in public
  13. You can change anything that you don’t like about your Motorcycle
  14. Your Motorcycle doesn’t make you meet her parents
  15. Your Motorcycle does not mind if you leave her outside your home
  16. When you go out for dinner on your Motorcycle, you only pay for one
  17. You can take your Motorcycle to work everyday

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