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17 Biker Babes of the Chip Who Are Hotter than South Dakota in August

10. The Occasional Trickster

Bet ya did a double take on this one.

11. Horny Devils

When you’ve got horns on the head and horns on the hand, you’re ready to party!

12. Flag-Wavin’ Free Spirits

It’s hard to say what lit up the pavement more during the first Buffalo Chip Street Drag Invitational with Crazy John– the smoking tires of high-powered drag bikes, or Raven and Jessica in those flag girl outfits.

13. Flocks of Flirty Fans

Heading into the amphitheater for the evening’s concerts ensured hours of ear candy, and plenty of eye candy as well. One scan of the crowd revealed babes galore!

14. Hooligan Hotties

If you were able to peel your eyes away from the elbow-to-elbow action of Roland Sands’ Design’s Super Hooligan Showdown, chances are you noticed some serious Hooligan hotness around the track.

15. This Reckless Rebel

We’ll take a double shot of that stuff!

16. Twisted, Tanned and Toned

Every day is paradise at Bikini Beach. The beach hosts some of the Chip’s best showcase bands and is home to wild events like the Homemade Bikini Contest and Whipped Cream Twister.

17. The Flaunt Girls

The Flaunt Girls dazzled the senses all week with mind-boggling performances combining aerial maneuvers, fire manipulation, burlesque and a dash of silliness on the main stage and nightly on the Kinison Stage.

If checking out these photos put your tachometer in the red, then you’ll definitely want to scope out the full 2016 Baddest Biker Babes photo gallery! And if you can handle any more hotness after that, then you will definitely want to pore over the Eye Candy section of the Sturgis Rider News blog!

You can also get a sneak peek at some of the biker babes that’ll be running around the Chip in 2018 by checking out the 2018 Poster Model Search Sexy Selfies album on The Legendary Buffalo Chip Facebook page!


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