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17 Biker Babes of the Chip Who Are Hotter than South Dakota in August

5. Beer-Slingin’ Beach Babes

Bikini Beach is a great place to cool off, and it was the only place to catch an all out Slip-N-Slide Flip Cup Biker Babe Brawl between the Coors Light girls and the International Bikini Team. Thirsty yet?

6. Two Reformed Whores with Mouths like Sailors

The Reformed Whores entertained daily from the Hoyt Axton Stage in the Patriot Pavilion with their raunchy country comedy tunes and looked good doing it.

7. Bartending Beauties

When they weren’t lighting up the Wolfman Jack Stage, the ladies from the Miss Buffalo Chip pageant could be found bartending all around the grounds. Men around the campground were heard tripping over their tongues and making nonsensical words while ordering beers in record numbers.

8. Sassy & Classy Biker Babes

If babe watching is one of your favorite pastimes, then you definitely shouldn’t miss the Sassy & Classy Over 35 Model Search. These ladies are living proof that biker babes only get sexier with age.

9. The Booty-Shakin,’ Bike-Washin’ Rhythm Rockers

Whether you saw the Sturgis Rider Rhythm Rockers performing at the CrossRoads, judging the Stud Contest during Fan Fest or shining up some chrome at their bike wash, you can bet they were lookin’ mighty fine while they were doing it.


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