Seeber to run write in primaries for Conservative and Women's Equality ballot lines – Glens Falls Post-Star

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QUEENSBURY – Rachel Seeber, the Republican candidate for Queensbury supervisor, is undertaking a write in primary campaign for the Conservative Party nomination, against the wishes of local Conservative Party leaders who have endorsed Democratic incumbent John Strough.

The contest for the Conservative Party line will put the town’s 259 registered Conservatives in the forefront of political attention in the first leg of campaigning, and be an indicator of overall strength among philosophical fiscal conservative voters, a predominant block among the local electorate.

Both candidates have had Conservative Party backing in previous political campaigns.

Strough, a two-term incumbent supervisor, had the Conservative endorsement in both 2013 and 2015.

Seeber, a two-term supervisor at-large on the Warren County Board of Supervisors, had the Conservative endorsement in for at-large supervisor 2015.

Seeber, on Thursday, filed “Opportunity to Ballot” nominating petitions, signed by registered Conservative Party members, a mechanism which entitles registered Conservative Party members to write her name in on the Sept. 12 primary ballot, according to the Warren County Board of Elections website.

Strough’s name will actually appear on the primary ballot.

New York election law allows candidates to run on multiple party lines in the general election and combine the total number of votes received on all party lines.

However, except in the case of judge races, candidates not enrolled in the political party must receive permission from party leaders in order for nominating petitions for that party to be valid.

The “opportunity to ballot” primary is a mechanism for a candidate to seek the party’s nomination without receiving permission from party leaders.

Seeber said she asked the Warren County Conservative Committee for permission to run a traditional primary against Strough, and was turned down.

Seeber also has filed nominating petitions to run on the Republican, Independence, and Reform ballot lines, and has filed an opportunity to ballot petition for the Women’s Equality ballot line.

The Women’s Equality Party, a liberal third party that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and others founded in 2014, has just one registered member in Queensbury.

Strough also has filed nominating petitions to run on the Democratic line.