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Rebellion is patriotic. It is time to abolish the two-party system, which was not part of our founders’ vision or our Constitution. In fact, George Washington warned us against forming political parties, which would only come to represent “monied interests.” Thus he predicted corporate lobbyists and super-pacs.

Neither Republicans nor Democrats will ever give our people what we need for the coming century: public funding of elections, the end of imperial wars in the Middle East, single-payer health care, or a shift of our energy grid to wind and solar power. Why? Because both parties are in the pockets of Wall Street bankers, arms manufacturers, insurance and pharmaceutical cartels, and the fossil fuels industry.

We need politicians who directly represent people, not parties. In the digital age, there is no reason why we the people can’t have direct representation.

Here is my Pledge of Allegiance on the Fourth of July. I pledge that, in electing a president, I will never again vote for a Republican or a Democrat. If 50 million voters join me in this simple pledge, we will have a bloodless revolution, and a new nation.