This week's top read: Republicans used data to clinch 2016 WI races –

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Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin was a surprise, leaving many wondering how it could have happened after predictions had consistently said Clinton would prevail. According to this week’s most-read article on, data played a big role in the win.

The Republican National Committee lauded its data program, which it said helped to strategize and win not only the presidential race, but seats in Congress and the state Legislature.

“In Wisconsin … we were able to find those areas that were most open to Trump’s message, and it worked,” said Mark Jefferson, director of majority retention for the RNC and former executive director of the Wisconsin GOP.

Their success left them feeling positive about the Republican Party’s prospects for future elections.

“We’ll train people up on how to do this,” Brian Parnitzke, director of turnout and targeting for the RNC, was quoted as saying in the article. “We want to evangelize and spread this as far and wide as we can within the Republican Party.”

Another top read this week looked back to a Fourth of July 50 years ago, when a Cap Times article showed the strength of McCarthyism and anti-communist sentiment in the country. Fear or persecution left most Madison residents unwilling to sign the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, which was presented as a petition by reporter John Patrick Hunter.

“I can see you are using an old commie trick, putting God’s name on a radical petition,” one individual told Hunter.

U.S. Sen. Joseph McCarthy himself criticized the piece, calling the Cap Times “a communist newspaper.”

Hunter didn’t seem too bothered by the rebuke.

“Everything Joe McCarthy said about us was an honor,” he said later.

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