How did Theresa May's gamble fail? – The Guardian

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To achieve the gains she needed, May had to make Conservative gains in traditionally Labour areas such as the north-east; in fact she picked up only one seat here.

It’s possible May also underestimated the Corbyn effect; Labour gains were in university towns across the country.

May scoffed at the “coalition of chaos”, but her losses to the Lib Dems can be attributed to Greens voting tactically in Bath and standing aside in Oxford West.

May was right that her vote share would go up in leave-voting areas.

Although the Tories did make gains in their leave-voting target seats, most remained firmly in Labour’s hands.

Looking at seats that changed hands, Tory MPs were vulnerable in remain areas but also lost seats in very Eurosceptic places such as Peterborough.

Only where the anti-EU vote was exceptionally high, such as in Mansfield, was the Conservative impulse enough to take seats.