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Sarah Palin (remember her?) is adjusting nicely to her new role as full-time Internet troll.

After a very brief stint as a campaign surrogate for Donald Trump during the 2016 Republican presidential primary, Palin spends most of her time now on social media posting inflammatory memes and lengthy commentaries on whatever happens to be in the news cycle.

And like a good troll, she is sloppy and lazy.

“Don’t be Fooled! The Paris Climate Accord is a SCAM,” she said this week on Facebook. “They pretend it’s about fixing our environment … but it’s really about stealing Billions from the American people and giving it to foreign companies, countries and lobbyists!”

She included a photo of several well-dressed men cheering in what appeared to be a legislative chamber.

Palin’s Facebook post was in reference to the president’s announcement last week that he would pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement, a major accord aimed at curbing climate change.

One glaring problem with Palin’s anti-Paris Agreement note was that the picture that she included in her post wasn’t of supposed climate change lobbyists. It was several GOP members of the Florida House of Representatives, according to Politico’s Marc Caputo.

Though Palin deleted the Facebook post shortly after Politico pointed out her mistake, it wasn’t before Florida Republicans noticed. And, boy, did they have something to say about it.

“I’m appalled,” Republican State Rep. Scott Plakon, who was featured in the now-deleted Facebook post, said as a joke.

He then added, “As the owner of a publishing company, I find it appalling that she would use a low-res picture like this when a high-res picture is readily available.”

“I was almost in tears with laughter,” he added. “I’m not sure what she’s saying. Are we cheering for Paris or against it? I think she’s saying we’re celebrating Paris.”

Former Republican State Rep. J.C. Planas wrote on Palin’s Facebook wall prior to the photo’s deletion, “That is a picture of REPUBLICAN Florida Legislators. Hahahahahahaha!!!! You are such an idiot!!!”

Former State Rep. Seth McKeel told Politico that he “assumed it was some idiot who found a random pic.”

“Are they really suggesting Will and I took some vote on the Paris Climate Accord?” he asked.

Remember, it wasn’t too long ago that Palin’s endorsement meant the difference between winning and losing an election. Now current and former lawmakers are going on the record mocking her.

How things change.

You don’t hear about Palin much these days. When you do, it’s rarely, if ever, for something flattering.

She hung onto relevance after her vice presidential bid thanks to reality TV and a contributorship on Fox News. Both deals eventually ran dry, leaving her to rely on the right-wing public speaking circuit as her primary platform.

Palin most recently enjoyed a sudden burst of influence in 2016 after she endorsed Trump in the GOP presidential primaries, even appearing onstage with him at rallies. However, that was also short-lived, as she quickly disappeared entirely from Trump’s rotation of preferred campaign surrogates. A spot in his administration was never even a possibility.

It has been a long road for Palin. From governor, to vice presidential candidate, to GOP kingmaker, to reality TV star, to right-wing Internet troll. She has come a long way.