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Unless things change and change drastically in Democratic Party in the near future that is our fate as a Nation.  I’m basing this on what is passing itself off as the opposition to Donald Trump.

The only conclusion one can make is no coherent opposition.  In spite of what you may be thinking, 2020 is not that far away.  This is part 1 of a multi-part series on why the opposition to Trump is in deep trouble.

Who is the emerging charismatic leader with a strong resume who is going to run against Trump in 2020?  There are zero Democrats who have any kind of track record to stand on positioning themselves for a run.

The Senate has a 20% approval rating at the moment.  There are no leaders there.  Are any Democratic Governors making a move?  No, it appears none are doing the things candidates do before announcing.

I was discussing this last night with a longtime friend who said the name “Bernie Sanders” when I posed this question to him.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Democratic Party could find an actual Democrat to be its standard bearer?  Go to the US Senate Directory and look Bernie up.  What will you find?

He’s not a Democrat.  Here is the entry for the Senator: Sanders, Bernard-(I-VT), 332 Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510. 

See that (I-VT)?  That means Independent and NOT a Democrat.  He is a socialist by his own admission.  He made a fool of himself during the 2016 Primary with his socialist utopian fantasies.

Remember when Denmark told him to shut up, and viewed his repeated calling them Socialists as a slur?  Denmark is not a socialist nation and is not the utopia Bernie liked to claim as The Washington Post correctly pointed out.

Sometimes I think Bernie hears voices that aren’t really there.  It would not be the first time a mentally ill person had a major party nomination though.  In case it slipped your mind,  Donald Trump is not the poster-boy for good mental health.

Bernie and Trump have a lot in common.  I wrote about that last Spring.  They seem to be conjoined twins in many respects.  I wrote about the two in an article last May, “A cautionary tale of two narcissists: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.”  You can read it by clicking here. 

Bernie is out trying to energize Democrats.  The Party is sending an out of touch, lying, 25-year legislator with zero original pieces of legislation that isn’t pork that he has passed and isn’t even a member of the party.  That is what is supposed to energize Democrats?  I heard the exact same words about the Tea Party and what happened in 2012?

Democrats, you are making this easy for Donald Trump in 2020.

When I ask for an actual Democrat’s name to run for the Democratic Nomination, after a lot of hemming and hawing around, my Democratic Friends speak the name Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Really?  Well, at least she actually is a Democrat.  What has she done, I ask?  “She’s a woman,” is the reply I hear most.  Really?  How is being a woman an accomplishment? I know there are accomplished women, for instance, Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright, and Secretary Clinton, who ran a massive federal agency.  They dealt with world leaders and had to make tough decisions.

What has Elizabeth Warren done?  “Well, she has given some damn good speeches and she is Progressive.”

That is the formula for losing.  How did gender politics and the glass ceiling work out for Hillary Clinton?

Americans are not a bunch of ideological lunatics.  Sending out candidates who are doctrinaire will not defeat Donald Trump.  For those who may not know what doctrinaire means, it is a person who seeks to impose a doctrine or ideology in all circumstances without regard to practical considerations.  They are dogmatic, inflexible, uncompromising, and rigid.  You know, like what we have in the House and Senate today.

Practical considerations are what elected Donald Trump.  He told under-employed Americans he would bring back jobs.  That is what Americans want and not a social program.

What America wants is someone who will solve problems.  Neither of the two major candidates above has solved anything.  They have no track record.  They are all talk with no substance and easy marks for an incumbent President, even a really bad incumbent President.

The third name I hear is Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine (D-VA).

Is he still alive?  I think he went into hiding because after election night he just vanished.

Let me throw another name out there, “Walter Mondale.”  Do you remember him?  Vice President under Jimmy Carter, he was the sacrificial lamb the Democrats ran in 1984 who was soundly thrashed by Ronald Reagan.  Is that the direction the Democratic Party is taking, to just give up now?

With what has risen to the top, it appears that way.

Democrats, if you are going to beat Donald Trump and rescue the nation from his lunacy, you better find a leader because it isn’t the three mentioned in this article.

Unless you want to be done to the Democratic Party what the Tea Party has done to the GOP, you best wash your hands of Bernie Sanders before the Bernie train drives the party off the crazy cliff.

Trump should be breathing easy these days.  It appears the Democrats are in the same disarray they were in the 1980s.  He is a vulnerable President and so far the opposition is not much of an opposition.

If you think there is plenty of time, then you don’t understand Presidential Politics and what it takes to get elected.  Positioning starts years before the announcement.  Bernie and Warren are the only two making the moves.  They are guaranteed losers in a national race.

Where’s the next Bill Clinton?

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