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Describing him as “disarmingly polite” and “far from the typical child of privilege you’d expect,” Niamh Horan of the Sunday Independent met with Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, to get his take on the state of American politics and his father’s time as president thus far.

“You know, we were a family who has never had anything to do with politics … so the learning curve was amazing,” said Trump in discussing the 2016 election cycle and beyond.

Trump said for him and his family, the biggest part of that learning curve was coming to grips with “how dishonest and disconnected the media were from the American population. I also realized how mean the process is. It’s something that is not spoken about enough.”

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“Politics is a mean game,” he said. “I always said real estate is the most cut-throat industry in the world, but it is nothing compared to some of these politicians.”

As to how he feels now regarding the vitriol his father confronts on a daily basis, Trump seems to have grown accustomed to it.

“I used to get bothered by it but honestly, now? I just shake my head because they all got it wrong,” he said.

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“[The American left] totally misread the sentiment of the United States because they are so detached from the people of our country. Now it is like they are doubling down because they are so furious they got it wrong,” he added.

It’s not all bad for the Trumps, however. And according to the president’s son, their supporters far outweigh their detractors.

“For every one blogger who is out there writing some sensational article, you have 100 people… [saying] ‘Thank you for the sacrifices that you have made collectively, as a family,’ and I can tell you this vastly, vastly outweighs the other, especially knowing that they [the detractors] got it wrong the entire time,” Trump said.

With the hot-button topics of recent affairs in Syria and North Korea, Eric Trump believes a resolution is on the horizon and that ultimately his father’s course of action will make the world a safer place.

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“I think the world will be a safer place because of (my father) because he will actually show real leadership and he will take action when action needs to be taken, when others haven’t been willing to in the past,” Trump said.

“If the other night [in Syria] was any test of that — when children were being gassed — I think he did an amazing thing, and one of the things he has been praised so widely for is his decision making,” he said.

The same type of leadership will be seen in how the president handles North Korea, Trump said of his father.

“He will make the right decision and we won’t be prodded and he won’t be intimidated and he will show leadership. That’s the best way of saying it,” Trump said. “I sleep well at night knowing he is the person who is making the decisions. I sleep safely at night knowing that he is in charge,” he added.

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