Gun Control Protests Take Aim at Upcoming Trump NRA Speech – Newsmax

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Gun control groups are planning protests when President Donald Trump attends the annual National Rifle Association convention April 28 in Atlanta.

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Safety in America, told The Washington Times on Monday volunteers would be descending on the convention to protest “just as we have been showing up at town halls and in state houses across the country to stand up for the safety of our families and communities.”

“We will not be silenced,” she added.

Trump is expected to address the NRA-ILA Leadership forum, marking the first sitting president to do so since former President Ronald Reagan in 1983. Gun support groups largely backed Trump’s bid for the White House, and he has indicated he was a firm believer in the Second Amendment right for citizens to possess firearms.

Since taking office, Trump has been rolling back gun controls put in place by the administration of former President Barack Obama, including one that allowed the Social Security Administration to prevent some disability beneficiaries from owning firearms due to certain mental disorders.

Watts’ group is a part of Everytown for Gun Safety, and she claimed gun-rights groups were “cashing in” since they spent millions endorsing Trump while he was running for president.

“The extremist leadership of the NRA spent $30 million dollars in the last election cycle for a seat at the table in the White House where they’re pushing their dangerous ‘guns everywhere’ agenda,” Watts said.