Conservatives are the real 'cupcakes,' throwing hissy fits over small issues – The San Luis Obispo Tribune

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Snarky righties enjoy using perjorative terms for liberals, like the old standby “bleeding hearts” and, more recently, “snowflakes.” A Feb. 8 Letter to the Editor by Roger D. Gibb (“Armstrong stood up for free speech”) offers up a new insult: “cupcakes.”

All these smears infer that liberals and progressives are weak, wimpy, soft and — as the wannabe tough guys sneer — in need of “safe spaces.” The words are reflective of the current bullyboy chic in Donald Trump’s America.

What the machos ought to know, however, is that they’re the real wimps, throwing hissy fits over what Meryl Streep said, Starbucks cups, a Broadway show, a Star Wars movie and a pro-immigrant beer commercial.

As for snowflakes: Each one is unique, beautiful, and in vast numbers can form an avalanche — and winter is here.

Jay Bonestell, Los Osos