Gorsuch should have clear path to Supreme Court – Chickasha Express Star

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It’s easy to have sour grapes. 

Those little pieces of fruit seem to get even more tart in the political realm, but sometimes it’s better to just ignore the bowl altogether. 

This is the situation that faces the Democratic party. President Trump put forth his nominee to replace late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia this week, and his choice was met with praise from the right and disdain from the left. 

Now we all know the circus that took place when President Obama nominated Merrick Garland to replace Scalia in 2016. Republican Senators never even allowed a hearing for Garland. It was childish. 

However, now senate Democrats face a similar choice. They could retaliate against the GOP by attempting to block Trump’s nominee Neil Gorsuch, or they could try the high road. 

The latter option would create the most prosperity. 

Granted, constituents of Democratic senators may be not be thrilled, but this choice needs to be made with more than revenge in mind. 

First, Scalia was a conservative bull dog. There is no doubt there, but he was a keen mind when it came to constitutional interpretation. Although he was a dissenting argument on many cases that satisfied the left, he did represent a large portion of our county’s population well. And in that, brought balance to our highest court, which should be its true essence. 

The Supreme Court should not lean predominantly left or right. It should be an amalgamation of our political litmus. And Gorsuch would be a wonderful candidate to continue that trend. 

Democrats also have to consider the future of that balance. Justice Ginsburg is 83 and Justice Breyer is 78. These two have long been left leaning bastions and whether due to nature or exhaustion they’re nearing the end of their tenure. 

Democrats need to be aware of that fact and look for a return to power in four years, followed by Ginnsburg and Breyer’s replacement. This will put their party on firm ground when it comes to be there time to maintain the balance of the Supreme Court. 

Finally, attempting to block or filibuster  Gorsuch’s appointment won’t really do anything except maybe weaken the party further. Gorsuch has shown a conservative interpretation of the Constitution during his career, but like Scalia, he has shown a sound mind. 

And yes, the same could be said about Garland’s mind, but the time for relishing the pains of 2016 has past and in the future importance of filled Supreme Court must be placed above partisanship. If the Democrats can’t do that, then approving Gorsuch is still the right move as it will give ammunition to their party when it comes times to nominate a justice. 

Regardless, we need an full Supreme Court, and although Trump has made some interesting choices during his brief presidency Gorsuch is not one of them.